30 quick love note ideas

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I LOVE leaving love notes for my husband. It's something I decided I would strive to do for my husband long before I ever met my husband. And then all the sudden life gets in the way. And it can be more difficult to take the time to write something out and leave it for the man (or woman!) in your life. 

I'm here to make it easier! I LOVE this notepad that makes leaving love notes so easy as well as these sticky notes that are to die for!

So let's be better wives and commit to leaving love notes for our amazing husbands! Here are 30 quick ideas you can use on index cards, sticky notes or even write on the mirror with dry erase markers. Be creative, take these ideas and roll!

1. I love you!
2. Thank you providing for our family!
3. You have the cutest bum ever!
4. Thank you for leading me closer to God
5. Thank you for being my best friend
6. You're the best kisser... ;)
7. Thanks for cuddling me last night!
8. I am SO glad I married you
9. Thank you for helping me with the chores this week
10. You're the sweetest!
11. (leave lip prints with lipstick) XOXO
12. I can't believe I got so lucky to be your wife
13. Thanks for choosing me
14. You're a mega hottie!
15. Thank you for always protecting me
16. Dear Prince Charming, You're the Best! 
17. Thank you for proving that fairy tales exist
18. I think you fell out of a Disney movie! You're just too perfect!
19. You have the best smile 
20. Thank you for letting me be me
21. You are an incredible husband!
22. Thank you for honoring our vows.
23. You're the best!
24. You make me smile so big!
25. You are my soul mate, and for that, I love you.
26. Thank you for always taking care of me.
27. With love, I can do anything.  
28. Thank you for being my biggest fan
29. I am YOUR biggest fan!
30. I love EVERYTHING about you

Here's everything you need to make
 Love Note leaving super easy: 



  1. Awe. Those are cute. I usually vocalizes my love notes but sometimes I leave a cute note for James to find.

  2. Such cute little love notes. I love leaving them for Mr. Schroeder too, and I like to make them lengthy. haha! Short and sweet ones are just as good and I'll definitely be using them :)

  3. These are all great ideas and perfectly timed for my monthly marriage goal. I think I shall write a note to send with his lunch tomorrow.

  4. this is such a cute idea. I used to do things like this when I was a newly wed, maybe I should start again. it would be fun to hide them in places like his undy drawer. lol. or like his backpack if I wanted to be more normal

  5. Your guys' love notes are cute!!!

  6. Uhm. None. :) I don't know if I am going to start any time soon either. ;)

  7. These are some really good ideas. PINNING!