Function of Beauty Review- Personalize Your Hair Care Routine

Last month as I was scrolling through my Instagram feed I came across a company called Function of Beauty. The purpose of the company is to create personalized shampoo and conditioners based on an individual's hair type and hair goals. I decided to give it a shot!

When you go to the Function of Beauty website, you fill out an assessment so the chemists can determine the best formula for you based on your hair type. Here is what mine looked like. 

First you choose your formula name. I just chose my first name. You also get to choose the shampoo and conditioner color which was fun!

Next you choose a fragrance. I went with Passion Fruit Papaya. It was a light scent but fruity nonetheless. I really enjoyed the scent although I couldn't smell it much once my hair was dry. Which could be a pro or a con depending on how you are on smells. I think next time I'll try the sandalwood violet though because that also sounds amazing!

You also choose your hair type. When I let my hair air dry I end up with a bit of a wave, so I chose wavy. 

Next up, hair structure. Fine, Medium or Coarse. You probably have some idea of where your hair falls on that one. For scalp moisture I chose normal because my scalp doesn't get abnormally oily but it also isn't flaky or super dry. 

Then you choose your top 5 hair goals. Which was SO hard. I went back and forth between so many. I ended up choosing the following. Deep condition, Replenish Hair, Strengthen, Lengthen, Shine. 

Overall, I would say that Function of Beauty is revolutionary. I love how easy they make it to get a shampoo and conditioner that are perfect for YOU. These products definitely measure up to salon quality products as well, which I do not say lightly because I am a hairstylist after all! They cost around the same as buying professional product but are absolutely worth it.

My only cons are these.

1. There is no purple toning shampoo option. As a blonde, I need to use purple shampoo pretty regularly to keep yellow tones out of my hair, and as of right now, there is no option on Function of Beauty for a toning shampoo. Although I hear they are working on expanding that!

2. Even choosing the deep condition option, I felt as though it was not "deeply conditioning" enough for my hair. I have dry, damaged hair from lightening and deep condition my hair 1-2X a week. Although the conditioner lives up to my every day professional conditioners, it was not moisturizing enough for a deep condition.

The cons are so few though that I still give this product and company a 5/5 rating! I'm excited to try my next set once these ones are done, I may change up the color and formula just a bit, just for fun :)

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(I recieved a complimentary set of 8 ounce shampoo and conditioner in exchange for a review. As always I only share products I love and recommend!)

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