buttons at Disneyland

Did you know you can get FREE buttons at Disneyland? They pretty much have a button for everything. It's cray. And it's a super fun way to celebrate whatever it is you are celebrating!

Where to get them? 
Some stores will have them behind the counter, but your best bet is to wait in the line at Guest Services outside the entrance and ask there. Or Town Hall. 

Button Options
-Just Married 
-Happily Ever After 
-Happy Birthday 
-Happy Anniversary 
-I'm Celebrating! 
-1st Visit
-Just graduated 
-Family Reunion
-Honorary Citizen of Disneyland (for any Disney Resort guests) 
-Character Dinings (Most have specific pins for their restaurant. For example: Ariel's Grotto, Goofy's Kitchen, Minnie's Breakfast. You should receive it when you dine there.)

My husband and I went for our honeymoon and wore our Just Married Pins for our first 2 days and then decided since it was both our birthdays the next week that we should get those too. When getting those a cast member discovered it was his first visit to California Adventure so she got him a 1st visit pin. It was so fun! We got our drinks free once because of our Just Married pins, and almost every cast member was congratulating us. It's fun to get that extra special treatment! 

Have you ever worn a free pin around a Disney park?

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Unknown said...

I have SOOOO many of those pins (plus the other ones you can buy hahaha) after Andrew proposed while I was still working there every shift I had to wear a "Just Engaged" button hahaha it was awesome! Still have the original one though with our date on it ;)

Amberly said...

Wearing the birthday pin around Disneyland is my absolute favorite!!!

Courtney B said...

Mia got a 1st visit pin when we were there in July :) That was my first time ever getting a pin (even though it was for Mia) and that was super fun!

Dara @ Not In Jersey said...

last year my littlest had a first visit pin. then in november I had a b.day one and in june my 6 year old did! and because we had to wait for a parade to pass us by, the cm there gave us happily ever after buttons. I wear mine on my camera strap!

Ashley Anderson said...

ive worn every button they've ever made since 1992 haha. its my absolute favorite :)