Book Review // A Princess Story (The Real-Life Fairy Tale Found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ) by Jaci Wightman

As I'm writing this review, I'm only on page 67 out of 179. For some reason my book was delayed in the mail so I've had just about a week to read it, but I'll give you a part of the way through review!

The back of the book says this,

"Filled with hardship and happiness, a princess and her prince, an evil villain, and an epic battle, fairy tales draw us into the adventure. But these stories aren't far from reality. You are living your own personal princess story!

Discover how the Lord's plan of happiness is just like a fair tale with this inspiring book for women of all ages. Learn to see your divine potential and recognize your inner princess. This enchanting read will guide you to build a closer relationship with the Prince, return to the King, and find your own happily ever after."

I'll admit, the word princess got me hooked. As someone who grew up on Disney movies and went to Disneyland every year, anything princess related is a win for me. I've always been able to see the gospel comparisons in Disney movies, because I'm a freak like that.

I wanted to read this book because I love the "fluffiness" of the gospel and the title made it sound like there would be lots of fluffiness. To me, the fluffy parts of the gospel are the things like reading your scriptures, going to Relief Society, being grateful, keeping a journal etc. I've always struggled to be more excited about the deep ol doctrines of the gospel, although I'm trying to deepen my gospel studies.

Guess what? This book has both. From the get-go it's a lovely and easy read, but chock full of deep doctrine that makes me go, "Holy crap this gospel is AMAZING."

The author does a great job sharing fairy tale stories and comparing them to the plan of salvation. She also shares some stories from the Chronicles of Narnia and quotes by Elder Jeffrey R Holland who is the & C.S. Lewis makes me all kinds of happy to be a Christian.

I'll be honest and say this book is not a page turner. I'm not staying up late every night desperate to read more. But when I do read it, I have to take my time and soak in all the greatness that is in this book. I would definitely recommend it for young adult women, and even young women age if they're up for a good gospel read. We are all just living in our own fairy tales! :)

(I received this book free of charge from Cedar Fort Books in exchange for an honest review)

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Tayler Morrell said...

This seems like a great book to read.

Anonymous said...

This post was awesome! I am very interested in reading this book!!! Where can I get a copy of this book? Thanks for doing a blog! Every post you share is uplifting and strengthens my testimony!! You're amazing!!!