Unite Blonda Review- For My Blondies

Awhile ago I reviewed Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde Shampoo. Truthfully after continued use, I didn't love it. It seemed SUPER drying. I needed an intense deep condition after using it and I never liked the way my hair felt even with a deep condition. 

Then I went a little darker for awhile and it didn't matter to me if I used purple shampoo or not. I recently went back to being a blonde blondie and decided that I need to get to the bottom of this. There HAS to be a good purple shampoo out there somewhere. 

Enter UNITE Blonda. Here's what the description is...

"Hey Blondie, you spend a lot of time and money getting those cool tones and highlights just right. Don't you just hate it when your hair starts to go straw yellow like a stressed out scarecrow having a bad day? BLONDA will keep your color vibrant, cool and totally you.
• Keeps blonde or grey hair vibrant
• Prevents blonde hair from turning yellow or brazzy
• Protects, strengthens and repairs while adding shine
• Free of Parabens and Sodium Chloride
Wet hair, lather and rinse. DO NOT exceed 60 seconds in hair. Alternate with your favorite UNITE Daily Shampoo as necessary and follow with BLONDA Condition. Achieve your final look using UNITE styling and finishing products."

Back to my own words- this stuff is AMAZING. I used an entire bottle before reviewing so I could give you my 100% honest opinion. 

This stuff smells like yummy yummy grape. And it is super pigmented so it is great for blondes. I usually do leave it on for more than 60 seconds, but it's pigmented enough that you almost have to watch it and make sure you don't get purplish hair ;)

My hair feels healthy and soft after using it, even if I don't deep condition after. I've even RE-PURCHASED more UNITE Blonda, which is basically unheard of for me because I love to try new things. 

What about you? Have you ever used Purple Shampoo? Do you have a favorite? 

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