CrEATe- Utah Dessert Giveaway

Welcome to the 'Dessert For A Year' Giveaway! If you live in Utah, know someone in Utah, or plan on coming to Utah in the future, you need to know about CrEATe. Located in Sandy, UT  at 9305 South Village Shop Drive, across from WalMart and Hobby Lobby and neighbors with Cafe Rio.  Open for less than 6 months, they already have an average 5-star rating on Yelp! And starting in June, they are introducing their Organic Shaved Ice, different from ordinary shaved ice because all the syrups are organic with no chemical additives! They are simply better than what you're used to in shaved ice. You can taste the difference!

So when I had the opportunity to join in on this amazing giveaway I said HECK YES! Donuts are my one true love. (Well, besides my husband). In fact, we are hoping to make it over to CrEAte this week. Also, Cr-EAT-e. Get it? I literally didn't until my husband pointed it out. (Insert laughing crying emoji here) So here's what you can win...

CrEATe is a Design It Yourself donut and dessert shop. After all, who knows your tastes more than you? They carry donuts, croissant donuts, crepes, brownies, cookies, cheesecake, gourmet drinking chocolate, pie, gelato and Sorbet. You pick out your fresh base dessert, and they will fill it, frost it, glaze it, mix it, or top it just the way you want it. If you can dream it, crEATe can build it.
Gelato and sorbet are made fresh in-house with organic sugar and imported Italian ingredients. We use real cream and fresh milk in our cream fillings, real organic maple in our maple glaze, and real raspberry in our raspberry glaze, and our drinking chocolate is made with real Belgium chocolate!
CrEATe: Dessert has evolved! Read the reviews here and here

Special Discount Code: Mention A GAL NEEDS... at check-out and receive a complimentary drink with your dessert purchase! (Soda, coffee, tea, milk, chocolate milk, or bottled water!)

Giveaway: This is a multi-winner giveaway. Prizes will be awarded in the form of vouchers, to be picked up by selected winners at CrEATe Donuts in Sandy, UT. They are transferable, thereafter. Must be 18+ to participate. One entrant per household. US Only, and Utah specific.

Hosted by: A GAL NEEDS...
Co-Hosted by: My So-Called Chaos

1st Prize - Monthly Dessert for a family of 4 - ARV $240! Choice of Menu Items include: Design-it-yourself donut, donut sundae, croissant donut, Design-it-yourself cookie or cookie sundae, Design-it-yourself brownie or brownie sundae, topped cheesecake, Design-it-yourself cupcake or cupcake sundae, Design-it-yourself crepe, Organic Shaved Ice, & Hot Drinking Chocolate Float. Must present voucher at time of service.

2nd PrizeSummer Organic Shaved Ice for a family of 4 - ARV $90! During the months of June, July, and August, a family of 4 will receive Organic Shaved Ice twice each month! Must present voucher at time of service!

3rd Prize - Date Night Vouchers (Dessert For 2) For 3 lucky winners - ARV $10 each! Choice of Menu Items include: Design-it-yourself donut, donut sundae, croissant donut, Design-it-yourself cookie or cookie sundae, Design-it-yourself brownie or brownie sundae, topped cheesecake, Design-it-yourself cupcake or cupcake sundae, Design-it-yourself crepe, Organic Shaved Ice, & Hot Drinking Chocolate Float. Must present voucher at time of service.

Enter to win one of these awesome prizes in the Rafflecopter below. Although all entries are optional, your chances of winning are increased by completing as many as you feel comfortable with!

Disclaimer: The participating bloggers were not compensated for this post. No purchase is necessary to enter. One entrant per household, per IP address. All entries will be verified. Void where prohibited by law. Winner will be contacted by email; Please add to your whitelist. Winners are responsible for pick-up of their prizes at CrEATe Donuts in Sandy, UT.  This giveaway is in no way administered, sponsored, endorsed by, or associated with Facebook and/or Twitter, Google, Pinterest, or any other social media platform.


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Basalt Day Spa Review + Giveaway

Yesterday I had the amazing opportunity to go to Basalt Day Spa in Salt Lake City, Utah and enjoy the "Don't Worry Be Happy" package. It included a 60 minute Relax Massage & a 60 minute Glow Facial. The spa is located just off the I-15 Freeway and is so easy to get to. 

As soon as I walked in I took a deep breath and could feel myself begin to relax. I filled out a couple forms at the front desk, they offered me some local tea and I took a cup of water. I relaxed on the couch for just a few minutes while I waited for my spa experience to begin. 

They have the cutest little entry way with some amazing products. Everything from facial cleanssers, bath salts and soaks, handmade jewelry and cards. I ended up picking up a few stacking rings from Live Your Angle. They are so cute! I love that the owners of Basalt are doing all they can to support other local Utah businesses, and they have found some of the best of the best to carry in their little shop. Isn't it beautiful? They do also carry Dermalogica products which are incredible as well. 

Jasmine welcomed me into the massage room and gave a brief explanation of what to expect. She asked if I had any questions and then left and gave me a few minutes to get undressed and under the covers. The bed was heated which felt amazing. She gave me plenty of time before coming in and beginning the massage.  

I took two pictures of the bed after the massage, one with flash and one without so you could see what it looks like in there. I absolutely loved the feel of the room.

The massage was AMAZING. She checked in part way through the massage to make sure the massage pressure was just right. I love the fact that it is a FULL BODY massage. Calves, feet, arms, hands, back. It all felt awesome! One unique thing about Basalt Day Spa is that they use Basalt stones in EVERY service at no extra cost. I loved when she used the basalt stones. I'm also a big fan of the pressure point head and neck massage and the scalp massage was to die for!

The above photo was of the facial room. After my massage I changed into a robe and slippers and changed rooms to go to the facial room. I did the Glow facial and it was also awesome. I asked lots of questions about my skin and was given so many answers. I loved feeling like I was learning more about skincare throughout my service. Don't have time/money to do a facial and massage? The facial includes a short feet/legs and arm/hands massage as well as some head and neck massaging. Amazing.

They sent me home with a chart detailing the product recommendations and a few other recommendations such as taking a daily probiotic each day to help clear up my skin. Who knew gut health and facial acne could be connected?

Overall I absolutely loved my visit to Basalt. On my way out a lady asked me how it was and I said "Amazing!" She said, "You look super relaxed, I have got to get in there." She is so right! I felt so relaxed and slept so well that night. Getting an hour massage and facial gave me time to just relax and honestly meditate which always help me out emotionally.

Basalt was incredible and has even offered to give one of you a $50 gift card toward services! Ah I'm so excited to give this away to one of you you have no idea. Enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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On the Edge - Book Review

I received a copy of this book from Cedar Fort Books in exchange for an honest review. 

I love reading a good, honest memoir. I remember hearing one time that our stories matter, because our idiosyncrasies make us unique, and they might just be exactly what someone needs to hear. Some of us learn a lot more from one person's unique life experiences rather than general advice for the general public.

I enjoyed reading "On the Edge" by Stuart Edge. In the book he chronicles his life, from growing up normally to his parent's divorce and a random move to Mexico. (I was cheering for his mom as she followed a dream of hers! Girl power!) Later in the book he talks about the various he jobs he had after returning home from his LDS mission, including cleaning portapotties. He talks about how that job set him up for his future. I won't give it away, but I will say it was inspiring to hear how his different jobs led him to his current job as basically a YouTube all star.

As someone in a lot of "transition" life phases right now, his words spoke to me. There is good that can be found right now in whatever job you are in and that it could just be another step in God's plan for you and He just might be preparing you for a glorious future, even if you're not destined to be a YouTube star ;)

I'd recommend this book for anyone looking for a light-hearted read or who just wants to know about how his career got started. As a blogger, I found some of his business parts very interesting! He talks a lot about how he was making videos that made others happy, but they weren't making him happy and weren't reflecting his overall goals. He spends his time now making videos that are more "Stuart"-y and doesn't worry as much if they don't go viral. Bloggers can learn a lot from that! If you don't love what you're doing, change something!

I'd also love to recommend this book to teens as I think they will love the stories and Stuart Edge is basically a celebrity to them! He has so much good advice that teens can learn a lot from.

Stuart's book "On the Edge" can be purchase from:


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The Sacred Gift of Childbirth- Book Review

I recieved this book from Cedar Fort Books in exchange for an honest review.

I've always been the person who writes and re-writes my packing list whenever my family would go on vacations. I like an itinerary, I like to know the plan. I'm a planner. I like to be knowledgeable about the places we are going and the things we will experience. Whenever I watch scary movies, I look up the entire synopsis before seeing it. Surprises just aren't really my thing.

When it comes to child birth, I've been afraid. I've heard horror stories and bad experiences. I come from a family with a lot of emergency and planned Cesarean births. I have friends who have had traumatic experiences giving birth no matter what way the baby came out, and I've been scared. I'm excited to be a mom one day don't get me wrong, but the whole pregnancy and childbirth thing has scared me a bit.

I had a friend who is way into the whole "doula thing" and it got me interested. Like, who are these crazy home birth people anyway? I had a friend recommend a book called The Gift of Giving Life a few years ago and holy cow it completely changed my perspective on pregnancy and child-birth. It really reminded me of how sacred and holy that experience can be. Easy? Not usually. But sanctifying? Yes.

So when I was given an opportunity to read The Sacred Gift of Child Birth by Marie-Ange Bigelow I took it. The book is all about learning how to make empowered choice for you and your baby. Marie is a certified doula and childbirth educator and is passionate about helping women have positive outcomes for birthing. I learned SO much reading this book and even read a few paragraphs to Colten throughout.

"The events that bring a child into the world are sacred and purposeful. They are designed by a loving Heavenly Father who has entrusted women with the responsibility of bringing His spirit children into the world. This responsibility is an honor and a blessing. When a woman understands this priviledge and sees Heavenly Father's hand in childbirth, she can find joy, strength, and faith through this experience." 

Isn't that beautiful? I've never had a contraction, never birthed a 10 pound baby after 9+ months of being uncomfortable. I've never dealt with morning sickness or the heart rate of my baby dropping suddenly during labor. I'm definitely inexperienced, but I loved this book and feel empowered by it.

"Consider three possible reasons for the pain in childbirth: First, there must be opposition in all things. Second, the pain of childbirth molds and refines women as they transition into motherhood. By experiencing the pain of childbirth, they have a deeper understanding of and gratitude for Christ's suffering for them, which helps them become more like Him. Third, the pain communicates to the mother that birth is imminent."

I have found so much knowledge in pondering on the reasons behind pain in childbirth. This book chronicles pretty much the entire process of birthing a baby, and not in a "Ew gross I didn't need to know that!" way, but in a "Wow, I'm so glad someone is educating me on this kinda way."

"It's important to remember that laboring mothers are NOT contracting for the majority of the time. About 20% of active labor is spent having contractions. The other 80% is typically free of discomfort and allows mom time to rest and refocus."

I don't know why but that quote changed me so much. How cool to think that child birth was designed in a way where 80% of the time you are mostly free of discomfort. Time to literally rest from your labors.

I have a few more chapters to read in this book, I didn't want to blow through it fast because I've been learning so much! I'll be so grateful to have it on hand in the future when I am pregnant and preparing for my own little one. Knowledge is power and if you prepare, ye shall not fear!

The Sacred Gift of Child Birth by Marie-Ange Bieglow can be purchased from:


Deseret Book

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Intermountain #ConnectCare App

This is a sponsored post by Intermountain Healthcare. Thanks for supporting companies that support my blog!

Last year I remember seeing Intermountain come out with an app but I didn't pay much attention to it. (being honest) This year I saw they were coming out with another app that allowed you to meet with an IHC provider from anywhere and I was intrigued. How nice would that be when you're stuck at home with a pink-eye child and the last thing you want to do is get the kids ready to go to the doctor? Or when you're traveling to Hawaii and get the symptoms of a UTI (the worst!) and don't want to deal with even trying to find a provider in the area? Download the app, click click click and you're there!

 With the #MyConnectCare app you can download the app (which is free!), create an easy login, and then choose a provider to meet with. It's seriously so easy. & only $49 a visit. No guessing on what it's going to cost to go to a random doctor on your summer vacations, just take your cell phone and you're good to go.

You or your child can be provided with top-notch medical care with just a few clicks and you can stay home where you really belong when you're sick anyway! The visits are less than 10 minutes which is how long it would take you to drive to an Instacare + there's usually no wait which is amazing!! I hate doctor office waiting rooms, I usually convince myself my condition is way worse than it is if I have a long wait.

Intermountain also provided me with a few items to check out.

- Kinsa Smartphone Thermometer (We tried this on my husband when he was sick last week and we were super impressed! and you can buy it at Target for only $19.99)
-Intermountain Healthcare First Aid Kit (into the trailer it went!)
-White Sierra Scarf w/ Insect Shield (also going into the trailer plus it's so cute! and I'm dying because they also have Insect Shield Scarfs for pets!)

Although I hope I don't have to use Connect Care anytime soon... I'm grateful I know about it now because I will definitely be using this option in the future instead of popping into a local Instacare. I love that you can do your banking online, your shopping online, and now get health care from real providers online that fit within your insurance.

Let me know if you've tried Connect Care, I'd love to hear your opinion on it!

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