Happy 2016 everyone!!! It's finally here, and I couldn't be happier about it. I've got my Powersheets Tending List all filled out for January so I figured my daily, weekly and monthly goals with you.


+ Choose a monthly Ponderize scripture (I was doing this weekly for a few months but holy crap it was just moving too fast for me. One scripture a month will be perfect I think)

+ Read one book in the Bible (Pretty sure I'm going to start with Psalms!)

+ Go to the temple

+ Go to the temple (We go every other week for date night!)

+ January Jolley Family Update on the blog (I wish I had recorded more of the awesome things we did this year with pictures and blog posts, so here to committing to do it in January!)

+ Plan an overnight getaway with Colten ( I actually can already cross this off, I booked us Juliet's Balcony at Anniversary Inn. just over a month away!)

+ Pay $1,000 off our down payment (We mortgaged our down payment and are about 4-5 months from paying it off!)

+ Get my hair done ( It's been since June... and this is something that really spikes my self esteem. So I deem it important)

+ Take my dogs on a walk

+ Buy new makeup (Everything I own is on it's last leg...)


+ Write a Monday in the Word Blog Post

+ Do a Monday morning goal setting Periscope

+ Social Media Free Weekends (this is going to be sooooo hard)

+ Write Colten a love note (really trying to tend more to my marriage!)

+ Transfer $5 into savings (We save $100/paycheck already. but transferring $5/week extra shouldn't really hurt us at all)

+ Meal prep work lunches (holla at my new glass tupperware!)

+ Write out a prayer (This is part of my goal to worship more creatively!)

+Complete all homework (welp! Going back to school. January 11th!)


+ Review Ponderize scripture

+ Make the bed (this is tending to my marriage! Colten is acts of service all the way)

+ Get ready (Part of my goals for self care)

+ No spend day (Any day that I don't spend $$ will be a big win!)

+ Walk 30 minutes (I do this in 2-15 minute work breaks on my treadmill!)

+ Only 1 soda (Diet Coke how I love thee)

+ Update Planner ( I need to get in better habits of looking over what I have planned and what I need to do, especially now that I'll be juggling full time work and full time school!)


I am very motivated by crossing things off a to-do list, so I'm so pumped to use this tending list in my Powersheets. And if I don't cross everything off? Oh well! I'll roll them over to next month, and try again. The idea behind the Powersheets has been life-changing for me. And I try to not say that about everything. The idea is "Progress over Perfection." Yesterday I went upstairs to walk on the treadmill and I noticed my puppy snuggled up on the bed. I decided 15 minutes of snuggling my puppy was more important than walking on the treadmill. And it was! It was such a mood booster. I still got my other 15 minute walk in, and I felt really happy with my choices. 

That's what this is about. Setting flexible goals that fire you up!! And then giving yourself grace if things don't go the way you plan. Are you setting goals for January/2016? Let me know what they are in the comments!

Other Posts About Powersheets

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*Some links in this post contain affiliate links: If you purchase Lara Casey Powersheets I will receive a portion of your purcahse. 

My 10 Goals for 2016

Happy almost 2016! I can't believe how fast Christmas came and went. It blows my mind every single year how quickly December goes. The only good thing about Christmas being over is that it is time to celebrate a new year.

I've been working through the prep for the 2016 Lara Casey Powersheets to help me decide on my goals. It has been REVOLUTIONARY for my goal setting. Instead of feeling like I absolutely can't fail, I'm giving myself some grace and know that it's okay to not chase perfect. It's more important to chase progress. So even if every checkmark box doesn't get filled each day, each week, each month, it's OK as long as I'm still progressing.

So without further adieu, there are TEN goals that I've set. And yes that might be an outrageous amount, but I don't plan on focusing on each one every single month. I'm just taking these goals, and adding the action ideas to my tending lists for each month to tackle what feels most important to me that month. Some things will sit on the backburner each month and some will be a priority every single month.

+ GOAL ONE: Find Creative Ways to Worship 

My sweet parents got me a Journaling Bible for Christmas and I am so excited to dig into that. I set a goal to read ONE book in the Bible a month. I've also pre-ordered the Write the Word Volume 1 Journal to use. I also plan to continue attending the temple 2x a month with my husband and having a monthly Ponderize scripture. We were created by a creative being, and I believe that by stretching myself creatively in worship will help me become closer to God.

+ GOAL TWO: Use the Internet for Good

I find myself mindlessly scrolling through social media far too often. I plan on taking #socialmediafreeweekends all year. This is going to be so hard. I did a trial run last weekend and caved a few times. I'm trying to figure out what to do with all the free time I have without being on social media. LOL! I plan on continuing my Monday in the Word series and sharing a weekly goal setting periscope every Monday morning as well. Another goal is to share a monthly family update on my blog and use NO SOCIAL MEDIA AFTER 9 PM. How much time could I spend in the scriptures or with my husband if I wasn't so attached to my phone at 9 pm. This will also be hard.

+ GOAL THREE: Tend to my Marriage

Make the bed every single morning. Colten loves a clean house more than anything. And when I make the bed it makes him so happy. He is 100% an acts of service love language. I also told Colten I wanted to plan two overnight getaways. We have a gift certificate we purchased this weekend to use at Anniversary Inn so we will be scheduling our first one soon! I want to write him a love note every week and read a book about marriage. I also plan to buy him a surprise at least once throughout the year. Whether big or small, just something that shows how much I love him.

+ GOAL FOUR: Take Control of Our Finances

I'll be real specific here folks. We've been using $500/paycheck from my paycheck to pay off our down payment mortgage. We should have that paid off in 4-5 months which is super exciting because we have been working super hard to pay that off. We also auto save $100/paycheck and I want to make sure that even though our goal is to pay off debt that we also are continuing to build our emergency fund. I want to complete a personal no spend month. No eating out while working, no Diet Coke runs, no new clothes, books, etc. Just one month of not spending money I don't need to. I want to donate some of my personal money each month (it's kinda like a grown up allowance so Colten and I don't have to get permission for all personal purchases) to causes that I care about. We are also building our food storage so I want to buy one thing for food storage each month.

+ GOAL FIVE: Take Care of Myself Emotionally

I want to plan one refresh day a month where the entire day is open and dedicated to recharging my personal batteries. I might have to work during the day, but the evening will be for me. I want to walk my dogs 1x a month, which I know is ridiculously low, but they get to run around our yard and we just don't take them on walks. But I want to. I plan on getting ready head to toe every single day. I work from home so I can be slobby/lazy in my appearance. Which was nice for awhile, and it's nice I can wear leggings every day, but it's done a number on my self esteem. On the days I get ready I feel so much better about myself. I'm also going to get my hair done 2x at least this year. It's been over 6 months since I last got it lightened and I am dying to be blonde again. I also plan on doing some capsule wardrobing and one big surprise for me is to get a massage this year, which I have never done!

+ GOAL SIX: Be an Encourager

I feel like I have been given the gift of being an encourager. However, I am shy and have social anxiety and struggle to reach out. I set some goals I want to try and reach this year, but will give myself lots of grace and praise for what I do accomplish. I want to invite someone over for dinner one Sunday every month, go visiting teaching and put my phone away when I'm with ANYONE. I am planning on hosting a Galentine's party again in February but truth be told I'm terrified. I also want to donate to good causes and send out "Happy mail" to someone at least 1x a month.

+ GOAL SEVEN: Improve my Eating Habits

I plan to meal prep my lunches for my work week. It may not be much, but it is do-able for me and I think it will make a big difference. Hopefully by July I can start meal prepping my breakfasts too. I want to stop eating when I'm full + eat slowly. Drink only 1 soda per day and eat only 1 dessert per day. My sweet tooth is OUT OF CONTROL. I also want to study the Word of Wisdom in Doctrine & Covenants to really understand God's perspective on eating/taking care of my body.

+ GOAL EIGHT: Improve Self Physically

Walk on the treadmill during my work breaks. This adds up to 30 minutes per day. I have been doing this for awhile now and it is so convenient and fun! I read or watch Netflix while I walk and love the break from work. I got a Fitbit for Christmas and am wearing it for awhile to get a feel for how many steps a day I take and will set a stretch goal to start reaching for. Go to bed at 10:30 and wake up at 7:00 am. Do yoga sun salutations 5 minutes per day. Walk the dogs 1x per month and stretch before bed. January I am focusing on my treadmill walking & my Fitbit. Everything else may come later.

+ GOAL NINE: Prepare to be a Mom

We are getting closer to starting a family! (My mother is probably so happy about this lol!) There are so many things I can do to prepare. I want to continue building our savings so if we have an expensive hospital baby we have savings to help, I want to tour a birth center and read books about pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. I also want to look up some classes in my area about birthing. (aka Bradley, Hypnobirthing, all that jazz) Another exciting thing is we are going to start taking the steps to be approved for adoption/foster care. Ever since we were married Colten and I have talked about the possibility of fostering and adopting children. We decided this year we want to take the steps to be approved including doing a home study. I'm not sure how this will all play out or what God's plan is with this, but we want to be ready for anything.

+ GOAL TEN: Pray More!

Scripture reading comes pretty easy to me, but prayer for some reason becomes an afterthought, which is totally backwards I'm sure. I want to write out some prayers in my journaling Bible, and ask my Facebook friends for prayer requests. I've started a prayer list on my phone of all the times I think "I should pray for them..." or "I should pray for that..." or "I'm so grateful for this..." so that way when it comes time for me to pray, I am prepared with all the things I've been waiting to tell my Heavenly Father. I want to read a book about prayer and ask on Twitter for more prayer requests.

Phwew that was a long post. I would love to hear what some of your goals are so be sure to leave them in the comments below! You can also tweet me about them @brooklynjolley and I'd love to chat. Happy goal setting loves!

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Monday In The Word : Your Spiritual Gifts

Yesterday in Young Women's, another leader gave a lesson on spiritual gifts. I was so inspired by her lesson, and it has kept me pondering in my heart about spiritual gifts. So that's what this is all about today. Discovering YOUR Spiritual Gifts. 

+ Read Doctrine & Covenants 46: 8-10 (HERE)

+ Write in your journal WHY we are given spiritual gifts. 

+ Read Doctrine & Covenants 46: 11-12 (HERE)

+ Search the previous scripture to see WHO is given spiritual gifts. Circle it in your scriptures. 

All men. Isn't that beautiful? Each of us has been sent to earth with spiritual gifts. Some of them may come naturally to us, and some of them may require much effort to shape and to use. I know, that it can be so easy to look at everyone around you and see THEIR spiritual gifts. We see all the things they are good at, all they are doing, and all the lives they are touching. However hard it may be to see the gifts inside ourselves, it is worth every effort. We must turn to Heavenly Father and ask Him to help us recognize and use our gifts to build His kingdom. 

+ Read 1 Corinthians 12:3-27 (HERE)

+ List out some of the spiritual gifts in the previous verses. List out some additional gifts you can think of. 

Here's a truth bomb for you. WE DON'T HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL OUR GIFTS ARE FLAWLESS BEFORE WE CAN USE THEM. We simply don't. I know personally, in my patriarchal blessing I am told that teaching is one of my gifts that Heavenly Father wants me to use. Teaching is not something I would consider to be a strong point of mine. I get flustered, I lose my place, I plan too much, or too little and sometimes I can't even get participation. But I can STILL use that gift. Every lesson I teach, every time I teach someone in any context, I am strengthening that gift. You don't have to wait until you're Mozart to use your gifts. Use them today!!

+ Ponder This: What are YOUR spiritual gifts? Read your Patriarchal Blessing if you have one and list them out. Pray and ask Heavenly Father this question, "What are MY gifts? And how can I use them more frequently to build thy kingdom?"

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Prepping for 2016 with Powersheets + Giveaway!

(Lara Casey Media graciously accepted me into their affiliate program. Which means that if you choose to purchase anything from LaraCaseyShop.com using a link in this post, I will receive a portion of your purchase. Thanks for supporting my blog!)

2016 is so close you guys! I am freaking out with excitement because I absolutely LOVE new beginnings. I can't wait to see what happens in 2016 AND what I MAKE happen.

This year I came across Lara Casey's Powersheets and knew that I had been led to her site for a reason. I purchased my Powersheets and not so patiently awaited the package in the mail. What are Powersheets? The Powersheets are kind of like a goal setting workbook that help you uncover your most purposeful year ever.

They include a powerful prep study to help you discover what was working last year and what wasn't working, what fires you up, what you want to say yes to, initial goal ideas and so much more. Then you write out up to 10 goals and break it down into "tending lists" for each month. Tending lists are basically your monthly/weekly/daily to-dos that help you stay on track with what is most important. After having these Powersheets for less than a week I KNOW that they are going to help make my year great.

Every Monday you'll find me on Periscope at 9:30 am MST  (@brooklynjolley) talking about my goals and how they are going. I hope to use that time to hold me accountable and maybe inspire some of you in your goal setting as well!

Now as the new year looms, I wanted to do a giveaway! I thought about doing a gift card to one of my favorite athletic wear shops but decided that I wanted to give something away that TRULY matters. So I'm giving away a $25 gift card to LaraCaseyShop.com so you can purchase your own Powersheets!! If you don't want Powersheets there is also an awesome collection of Write the Word Journals (I ordered Volume 1 for myself!), a great book by Lara Casey, and beautiful gold foil prints.

Also make sure to check out Lara's 2016 Goal Setting Series on her blog by clicking HERE

I'll be choosing a winner on New Years Eve! What a perfect way to ring in the new year right? Get going and enter below!!

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Let's face it, this week can be really really busy. Finishing up the last few shopping trips, wrapping presents, family parties and trying to cram in some simple precious moments with those we love.

So this week I'm keeping it simple and making it easy.

Luke 2:1-14 (HERE)

In the play "The Forgotten Carols" by Michael Mclean there's a song that says...

"And whether it be in your world today, or a crowded Bethlehem inn, find a way, make him room. Let Him In!"

This Christmas season, and as we begin the new year, make room for Christ in your life. Let's choose to let him in a little more often.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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December 2015 Life Update

We are officially over halfway through December and just days away from Christmas. I decided it was time to do another Jolley family update.

Colten is officially one year from graduating with his Bachelor's in Accounting which is so exciting. He has been full time work + full time school almost our entire marriage and has done it like a champ. After we'd live in our house 10 months I finally asked, "Where do we keep the dog food?" Our dogs would've starved if it weren't for him. He is truly the sunshine of my life. 

As for me when it comes to education... apparently I don't know what I want to do with my life. It's been over a year since I graduated with my cosmetology license, I finished my general studies Associate's in May, and now I'm going back for a degree in Graphic Arts! 

I do have student loans from cosmetology schools and I didn't want anymore loans for a degree that I'm not going to use. The great thing about working for an online school is... free tuition! (Also how Colten is paying for his degree which is SUCH a blessing) After almost a year with the company, I've decided to take advantage of the free education and learn a new skill. I've always wished I knew more about graphic arts. I wish I could design cute invitations, create gorgeous blog graphics, open an Etsy shop, ya know, the typical stuff. I've felt such a pull toward education lately, and this feels right. 

Colten and I both have demanding callings in our church congregation that we often feel like we are failing miserably at. He is Elders Quorum President and I'm First Counselor in the Young Women's Presidency along with a ward organist. I'll be honest and say that even though Young Women's is my dream calling, it can be a struggle. I am having a really hard time figuring out how to balance it all. I'm sure going back to school full time while working full time will make that easier right? (can you sense the sarcasm?) 

Christmas will be with my family this year. We are seeing the new Star Wars on Christmas Eve with my family and I am so excited. My sweet younger brother took me to the Forgotten Carols earlier this month, he is seriously so thoughtful and I would absolutely consider him my best friend. We shared a huge cotton candy, each got a soda and truly felt the Christmas spirit. 

This month we also started a new tradition. The annual Jolley Christmas Kick Off! It will be held every year on the first Sunday of December. We had nachos, Christmas treats, and watched the LDS First Presidency Christmas Devotional. We had friends and family over and it was perfect. A great reminder of the true meaning of Christmas- Christ + Family. 

Next week Colten and I took the entire week off! We get the 24th + 25th off PTO and we decided to use some of our accrued vacation time to take the 21st-23rd off as well. I am so excited to have that time off to spend with my husband and puppies and catch up on housework. 

I think that just about covers it. I'm looking forward to 2016 with much hope. I get a thrill out of new beginnings, and 2016 is going to be a GREAT year. 

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Beauty Empties December 2015

As a licensed cosmetologist, I am always on the look out for the latest and greatest hair products. As a girl, I'm always trying to figure out how to make my hair look awesome every single day. I've loved reading many other bloggers "beauty empties" posts and seeing what they thought about a product after using it up. So over the past month or so I started saving my own beauty products that I've finished so I can review them here. 

+ Paul Mitchell Marula Oil Intensive Masque

I went to a Paul Mitchell school for cosmetology which really gave me a chance to try out lots of their products. Some of them I LOVE and have never been able to find a product that tops it (think-Super Skinny Serum!). So when I saw Paul Mitchell was coming out with a new line I was ecstatic. I went and purchased the masque as soon as I could. 

To be honest? I really really really hated it. The first time I washed my hair I used too much so I had to wash again. I've tried using a tiny amount just on my ends, and I've tried using it all over like a nice deep conditioner. I've tried it on friends and none of us love it! I can't figure out why. It doesn't seem to moisturize enough yet it stays STUCK in your hair for forever. I'm still curious about the shampoo though, so one day I may purchase that to try.

+ Pureology Fresh Approach Dry Shampoo

Pureology is a brand I've come across in the last year. I've loved every single product of theirs I tried. I'm on a hunt for the perfect dry shampoo so despite it's poor reviews I gave it a try. Sadly I also give it a poor review. It did not seem to do a thing for me. I'm not a fan of the scent (it smells like old lady to me) and it didn't seem to do much in the ways of dry shampoo. I'd usually use it and then use another dry shampoo along with it. (Currently loving LUSH Dry Shampoo!)

+ Pureology Perfect 4 Platinum Reconstruct Repair Masque

LOVE LOVE LOVE. This deep conditioner is amazing. I was so sad when I ran out. I'm dying to try the other Perfect 4 Platinum products but I have so many to use up first! This deep conditioner is perfect for highly lifted or damaged hair. It is chock full of keratin to equalize porosity, which also means I recommend not using it every time because you can get to much keratin in your hair! They say it is weightless and I can testify to that. It feels thick in the shower but rinses out well and does not leave a film after rinsing out. It leaves my hair shiny and so soft. I'd buy again.

+ Sexy Hair Smooth Encounter

I'm a coconut oil fan all the way. So I figured smooth sexy hair would be a good brand to use inbetween all my repairing treatments to give my hair a break. However, I find this product to be very sticky. It does make my hair look good, but it also makes it so I can't run my fingers through it. I used about half the bottom trying more and less product each time in different ways and never liked it. I am not finishing the bottle.

Now for some makeup products:

+Jane Iredale Purepressed Base Mineral Foundation

I'll be honest, Jane Iredale is a pricey purchase. Their products are SO good for your skin, but they do cost a pretty penny. However, I LOVE and would totally recommend the Purepressed base mineral foundation. It alone does wonders for covering acne and dark spots. I love layering it over another foundation for additional coverage. 

Jane Iredale products feel like, and the more I use them, the better my skin gets. I was so sad when I ran out of this one. I'm keeping the case as they do offer refills at a discount and may one day splurge on myself again.

+ CoverGirl SuperSizer Mascara

As far as drugstore mascaras go, I will probably repurchase in the future. I hadn't use a drug store mascara in probably over a year, and I was pleasantly surprised. It seemed to dry out faster than my name brand mascaras, but I really did like the way it made my lashes look. I had at least 4 people ask if I had false eyelashes on. So I'd say it makes a pretty big impact!

+ Smashbox Full Exposure

To date, in 22 years of life, this is my favorite mascara! It's one of the only ones I didn't feel like I had to layer to get the right effect. It made a dramatic statement, and really made my lashes pop! Volume and length, will definitely repurchase!

+ Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals 

I fell in love with Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals in hair school. We solely used Jane Iredale for makeup and I loved that it is a light soft coverage. I'm not usually one for full coverage, so I tend to like tinted moisturizers. This falls somewhere between a tinted moisturizer and a foundation. If you're looking for full coverage this is not for you! If you're looking for light coverage that makes your skin look and feel great, I can't recommend anything more. 

Do you have any hair or makeup products you're obsessed with lately? Have you tried any of the above products?

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Click HERE to read why I started Monday in the Word

Need to go back and read week one? Click HERE.
Need to go back and read week two? Click HERE

Week Three Theme: Fear Not

Just over a week ago, here at the Jolley home we hosted friends and family for the LDS First Presidency Christmas Devotional. To say I enjoyed it would be an understatement. I enjoyed all the talks, but today I wanted to focus on the one by Elder L. Whitney Clayton, "Fear Not."

Scriptures to Look Up

Luke 2:1, 3-14 (HERE)

Ponder This

Imagine being a shepherd that night. Imagine seeing an angel. How are you feeling? Are you surprised? Did you know about Jesus Christ? Had you heard the stories? Did you know about the signs?


"The angel perceived the shepherds’ fear when he appeared to them, telling them to “fear not.” The astonishing glory of God, which radiated from the unexpected heavenly messenger, had indeed struck fear in their hearts. But the news the angel had come to share was nothing to be afraid of. He had come to announce a miracle, to bring the ultimate good news, to tell them that the redemption of mankind literally had commenced. No other messenger before or since has brought happier greetings. The Only Begotten of the Father was beginning His mortal sojourn: “For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.” These were indeed good tidings of great joy.
We each face moments in our lives when the great joy that the angel promised can seem elusive and distant. All of us are subject to the frailties and hardships of life—illness, failure, problems, disappointment, and, in the end, death. While many people are blessed to live in physical safety, others today do not. Many face great difficulty meeting the demands of life and the physical and emotional toll it can bring.
And yet, despite life’s hardships, the message of the Lord to each of us is the same today as it was to the shepherds keeping watch two thousand years ago: “Fear not.” Perhaps the angel’s injunction to fear not has more transcendent relevance to us today than it did in calming the shepherds’ fear that first Christmas night. Could he also have meant for us to understand that because of the Savior, fear will never triumph? to reinforce that ultimate fear is never justified? to remind us that no earthly problem need be lasting, that none of us is beyond redeeming?
The sweetest gift given at Christmas will always be the one our Savior Himself gave us: His perfect peace."
Journal It

What fears are you facing right now? How can Christ help you overcome those fears? What does peace feel like to you? How can you more fully enjoy the peace of the Savior? 

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2015 Blog Year in Review

Hey guys!

Today I'm linking up with Aubrey Zaruba to share a little year in review of my blog. It has been a wild ride! Some months I was more committed than others, and to me, that's A-OK! First and foremost this blog is for my own little creative outlet and to share what I love. Thanks for coming along for the journey.


+ Every January I wonder why people hate so much on New Years Resolutioners. So I wrote THIS POST about it.

+ In 2014 as we celebrated our first anniversary we set a new goal as a couple, and in January of 2015 we recommitted to bi-weekly temple attendance. We have done REALLY good at this and it has helped our relationship immensely!


+ I participated in my first How We Wore It. And no, my fashion blogger picture haven't got any better. Maybe one day we'll splurge on a fancy camera, but not now.

+ I also wrote about what True Love means to me. Because I'm a romantic sap.


+ I decided that I wanted my faith to be so strong that even if I was one of the last 3 women on earth, my testimony would still stand.

+ I wrote about why I love CARS Land at Disneyland! My love for Disneyland is unending.


+ I finished my Associate's Degree from Utah State University. Go Aggies!

+ My Top 10 Disneyland Must Knows is one of my favorite posts I've ever written. Whenever people ask me what they should know about Disneyland I send them to this post.


+ I wrote about some of my favorite hair products.

+ I also started utilizing a Capsule Wardrobe! I lived in a capsule for about 4 months and fell off the wagon. I loved when I was in my capsule, but then my clothes started wearing out and honestly I fell back into bad habits. Later this month (december 2015!) you'll see some more posts about capsule wardrobes.


+ In June we went and saw Inside Out and LOVED it so much. You can read my review HERE.

+ We stayed at Anniversary Inn in Logan, UT just for fun. I love staying at the Anniversary Inn!


+ I reviewed Jane Iredale makeup products, a brand I am obsessed with and my skin clears up so much when I'm using their products.

+ I wrote about how we get so envious when we see other girls getting these amazing presents for Valentine's day, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. We don't need to be jealous. This is one of my favorite posts I've written too.


+ I FINALLY got around to writing about what it was like buying our first home. 

+ I discovered Thred Up and shared my referral link that will get you $20 to shop with.


+ I began my month long personal training (which obviously didn't last very long LOL!)

+ I participated in another How We Wore It!


+ I wrote one of my most shared posts about Modesty, Rape Culture, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

+ I teamed up with my friend Brielle to create a post and a printable that will help you prepare for LDS General Conference!


+ I launched Monday in the Word, something I am very excited about continuing and expanding on in 2016!

+ To celebrate World Kindness Day I wrote about 5 Easy Ways to Show Kindness.


+ I shared my Christmas Bucket list and explained how I plan to spend the season.

+ And I updated my most viewed blog post Christmas Movies You Can Watch on Netflix to reflect this years updates!

It has been a great blogging year and it's not even over yet! I have some great posts coming your way. Thanks for following my blog. For reading, commenting, sharing, supporting, and being my online friends. This is my creative outlet, and I'm so grateful for it!

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How We Wore It // Holiday Edition

Happy happy December! Today's post is another edition of How We Wore It! This is where a group of bloggers each use the same outfit photo to gather inspiration and create our own outfit. 

 Every month I promise myself I'll get better outfit photos than the ones that are dark lighting inside my house but ya know what, I work full time during good light hours and forget to take them on the weekend because I'm enjoying my time off. So.... dark lighting with Iphone photos from my husband is what we get again. Yay!

Buffalo plaid is super trendy right now, I'll admit, I am obsessed with it too. So I took this picture from Because Shanna Said So and made it my own.

Photo Credit: Because Shanna Said So

Striped Cardigan: Target
Buffalo Plaid Top: Kohls
Leggings: Lularoe

I'm so grateful for Brooke from Silver Lining who always sets up this awesome collaboration. Make sure to hop over HERE if you'd like to sign up to participate, spots go fast!

And use the links below to check out all the other awesome ladies who participated this month. Happy Wednesday! 

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Week Two Theme: Said Samuel

I'm inspired by a Primary children's song titled "Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus." (HERE) Ever since I learned it as a child, it is one of those songs that is on constant repeat throughout the month of December. "Hosanna! Let earth receive her king!"

Scriptures to Look Up: 

Helaman 13:2-4 (HERE
3 Nephi 1:9-15 (HERE)

Journal It:

What must it have felt like for the believers who were awaiting the sign of the birth of Jesus knowing they would be put to death if it did not occur? How can we keep our faith strong while in our day of waiting for His Second Coming?

General Conference Talk:

"We should be patient in developing and strengthening our testimonies. Rather than expecting immediate or spectacular manifestations, though they will come when needed, we should pray for a testimony, study the scriptures, follow the counsel of our prophet and other Church leaders, and live the principles of the gospel. Our testimonies then will grow and mature naturally, perhaps imperceptibly at times, until they become driving forces in our lives."

Ponder This: 

What "waiting" phase are you in right now? What are you waiting for? Pray for patience and understanding. Pray that your testimony may be strengthened in this waiting phase.

2015 List Of Christmas Movies You Can Watch on Netflix

Last year I wrote a post listing all the Christmas movies you could watch on Netflix. To this day it is still my all time most viewed post. I decided it was probably a little outdated and could use a facelift, so that's what I'm here for today! I'm sharing the brand spankin new updated, Christmas movies you can watch on Netflix!

+ Christmas With the Kranks
+ I'll Be Home for Christmas
+ Christmas Kiss
+ Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed In at the House of Mouse
+ Switchmas
+ Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas
+ Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas
+ Christmas Angel
+ What She Wants for Christmas
+ Happy Christmas
+ Ernest Saves Christmas
+ Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Christmas
+ The Heart of Christmas
+ 12 Dates of Christmas
+ A Christmas Carol
+ The Christmas Card
+A Country Christmas
+ All American Christmas Carol
+ All I Want for Christmas
+ Coming Home for Christmas
+ The Nightmare Before Christmas
+ Christmas Bounty
+ Christmas Crush
+ Beethoven's Christmas Adventure
+ White Christmas
+ Pete's Christmas
+ ChristmasTown
+ Casper's Haunted Christmas
+ Mandie & the Forgotten Christmas
+ The Radio City Christmas Spectacular
+ The Fitzgerald Family Christmas
+ Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas
+ Icetastrophe
+ One Magic Christmas
+ Journey to the Christmas Star
+ Good Luck Charlie: It's Christmas
+ Abominable Christmas
+ Evergreen Christmas
+ Bailey Christmas Hero
+ A Christmas Wedding
+ How the Toys Saved Christmas
+ Pee-Wee's Playhouse Christmas Special
+ Christmas Salvation Street
+ Hercules Saves Christmas
+ Bratz: Babyz Save Christmas
+ Marry Me for Christmas
+ My Little Pony: A Very Minty Christmas
+ Mumfie's White Christmas
+ Mule-tide Christmas
+ Merry Christmas Thomas!
+ A Russell Peters Christmas
+ Thomas as Friends: The Christmas Engines
+ BoJack Horsemen Christmas Special
+ Bob the Builder: White Christmas
+ A Very Thomas Christmas
+ Thomas & Friends Ultimate Christmas
+ A Very Murray Christmas
+ The Legend of Frosty the Snowman
+ Love Actually
+ Bad Santa
+ Saving Santa
+ Holidaze
+ The Search for Santa Paws
+ A Holiday Engagement
+ Dear Santa
+ An Evergreen Christmas
+ The Mistle tones
+ Happy Holidays from Madagascar
+ Santa Paws 2

Did I miss any? If so, leave a comment below and I'll get it updated asap! Merry Christmas movie watching!

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How to Get Involved in Mormon.org Christmas Campaign #ASaviorIsBorn

At the end of November I was invited to attend an event in Salt Lake City, UT that was a preview of the 2015 Mormon.org Christmas campaign for online influencers. You may have noticed that I now have a sidebar ad for the Christmas campaign, isn't it beautiful?? I wanted to share this post and tell you how we can all be involved in the Christmas campaign as there are many aspects to it!

+ The Theme

The campaign for this year is A Savior is Born. I'd encourage you to go check out the hashtag #ASaviorIsBorn on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The website for the campaign says, "More than 2,000 years ago, God sent Jesus Christ to be our Savior. Jesus Christ was born to save us from our sins, born so we can be born again and return to live with God someday. Let us rejoice greatly this Christmas season, for unto all of us #ASaviorIsBorn."

+ The Videos

Watch & Share the videos over and over! I find every time I watch the videos I still get goosebumps and/or teary eyed. They are beautifully done and perfect for sharing on social media and with your families. 

The first video is about why we need a Savior.

The second video shows children reading verses of scripture that describe the Christmas story. Is anything sweeter than children who love Christ? 

+ Print & Share

The website has 3 different printable sheets. Here is what each of them say: 

1. #ASaviorIsBorn __________________ is born. (This allows you to fill in the blank)
2. #ASaviorIsBorn He was born so I ________________________________. (Also allows you to fill in the blank)
3. Unto Me #ASaviorIsBorn.

These printables are perfect to print off, fill out, snap a pic with and share on social media. 

+ 25 GIFs of Christmas + Infographic

I think this one is just so clever! You can go HERE and see 25 different GIFs that all have a corresponding scripture with them. They are well done, trendy, and gorgeous.

There is also a really great Infographic designed that emulates the video about why we need a Savior. Check that out HERE.

+ 12 Days of Social 

12 different YouTube artists have each created a video in their own style that fits the theme, "A Savior Is Born." You can view those HERE when they go live.

As you can see, there are so many different ways to get involved. Christmas is all about Christ! That's why we celebrate. I am so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ, and for this season, that comes around every year, where we can reflect a little more to more fully worship him.

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My Christmas Bucket List

It's the most wonderful time of the year! I don't know about you, but the only thing better than Christmas morning, is Christmas-time. I love the season of the holidays, it is truly my favorite time of year.

Because the holiday season can get busy, I decided to write down a few things that I want to accomplish this month. I always have so many ideas flying through my mind of things I want to do, that writing them down is really important for me.


Writing is such a huge part of my creativity. When I read this post by Kenzie I knew immediately I wanted to participate. I want to document what my life looks like during the holiday season past and present. I'm hoping following her journal prompts will keep me mindful and help me remember that I am in my favorite time of year. Being a grown up makes that hard to remember sometimes.


I recently discovered the She Reads Truth app and I've become obsessed! I love that during a work break, car ride, long bath, line at the grocery store I can pull out my phone, open the app and get into the scriptures! I'm also a sucker for anything Advent related so I love that this gives me the opportunity to countdown to christmas by remembering Jesus Christ. The Advent program is only $1.99 in the SRT app.


I really should have a better plan for this, but I'm hoping to squeeze in every single Christmas movie I can this month! I need to go through and update this list, but I do love how many Christmas movies that you can watch on Netflix. I bought Christmas with the Kranks & The Holiday at Walmart for $2 each on Black Friday so I am pumped about those! Christmas with the Kranks is actually one of my all time favorites. I also love The Santa Clause & Elf. And any Hallmark movie. And basically any Christmas movie. haha.


Every year, the 1st Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints hosts a worldwide Christmas devotional. It is free to watch using this link HERE. They give talks about the true meaning of Christmas, gorgeous music is provided, and it is one of my favorite things ever. Usually I am at a family party during this, but this year Colten & I are starting our own tradition by hosting the 1st annual Christmas kickoff! Nacho bar + Christmas goodies + Christmas devotional = perfection.


If you haven't noticed, on my left hand sidebar you should see a large ad for the Mormon.org Christmas campaign. I was invited to a really awesome preview of the campaign content, I adore the videos, GIFs and everything else they've created for the campaign. I want to write a blog post explaining how YOU can get involved and share the videos. In the meantime, go to christmas.mormon.org to see all the content.

There are lots of other things I want to do: we plan on donating money to our local congregation and they give gift cards to Walmart/Target to families who need help paying for Christmas, we plan on going on Christmas related dates, and I want to spend as much time cuddling my puppies by the Christmas tree as possible. It's the most wonderful time of the year, and I plan to do something about it.

Do you have a Christmas Bucket List? Or Christmas traditions you are looking forward to?

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Week One Theme: A White Christmas

Welcome to our very first MONDAY IN THE WORD study! With Christmas being just a few weeks away I decided to jump on board with Advent and create a 4 week In The Word Advent study. 


I am so grateful that because of Jesus Christ, my sins can be forgiven, and though my sins may be scarlet they can be white as snow. We can have a WHITE Christmas because of Jesus Christ. Isn't that a beautiful image? The white falling snow? It's so quiet and peaceful and a reminder that we can be forgiven if we will only come unto Christ and repent.

Scriptures to Look Up: 

Isaiah 1:18 (HERE)
Helaman 5:11 (HERE)
Mormon 7:3 (HERE)
2 Corinthians 7:10 (HERE)

Journal It:

Which scripture spoke to you the most? And why?

General Conference Talk: 

The Divine Gift of Repentance by D. Todd Christofferson

"The invitation to repent is an expression of love. When the Savior "began to preach, and to say, Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand" (Matthew 4:17), it was a message of love, inviting all who would to qualify to join Him "and enjoy the words of eternal life in this world, and eternal life in the world to come" (Moses 6:59). If we do not invite others to change or if we do not demand repentance of ourselves, we fail in a fundamental duty we owe to one another and to ourselves. A permissive parent, an indulgent friend, a fearful church leader are in reality more concerned about themselves than the welfare and happiness of those they could help. Yes, the call to repentance is at times regarded as intolerant or offensive and may even be resented, but guided by the Spirit, it is in reality an act of genuine caring."

Ponder This: 

How is the invitation to repent an expression of love? Has anyone in your life ever called you to repentance? Can you think of examples from the life of the Savior in which He called the people to repentance? What can learn from the way the Savior taught?


If you want to share what you are learning or feel inspired, make sure to use #MondayInTheWord so I can follow along. 
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