101 G O A L S

I've seen these type of posts all over blog land and finally decided that I wanted to take the leap and write up a 101 goal ideas to start working on!

1. Write first ever 101 list (Sept 2014)

2. Have an all day Disney movie marathon

3. Go to Disneyland

4. Plan a fabulous salon launch

5. Throw a fabulous salon launch

6. Get business license

7. Get liability insurance

8. Pay off student loan

9. Give out 500 business cards

10. Own 10 workout DVDs

11. Host a Twitter Chat

13. Bake a homemade cake

14. Go to the temple 3 days in a row

15. Host a General Conference Book Club

16. Read Jesus the Christ

17. Read Doctrine & Covenants(Oct 2014)

18. Read Old Testament

19. Read New Testament

20. Read The Book of Mormon (Oct 2014)

21. Save a mason jar of change for our savings account

22. Memorize The Living Christ

23. Get a massage

24. Get a facial

25. Rewrite Mormon.org profile(Oct 2014)

26. Share Mormon.org profile on blog (Oct 2014)

27. Host a blogger event

28. Go to a barre class

29. Go to a spin class

30. Contribute to a magazine (online or print)(Coming Jan/Feb 2015)

31. Print honeymoon photos

32. Read "Girl Boss"

33. Mail Christmas Cards

34. Fill a journal in a month

35. Meditate in silence for 30 minutes

36. Run a mile straight

37. Print photos from our first year of marriage

38. Make a Mormon.org vlog

39. Leave a $20 tip

40. Write a note to each immediate family member

41. Buy & use an address book

42. Create a "family blessings' traveling journal

43. Fast for a full 24 hours

44. Post a family history story on my blog

45. Go to Ogden temple

46. Go to Brigham City temple

47. Go to Manti temple

48. Go to Salt Lake temple alone

49. Read Conference Ensign cover to cover

50. Read a book about temple worship

51. Get a pedicure

52. Make fresh lemonade

53. Make homemade snickerdoodles

54. Have a no spend month

55. Blog post about the Word of Wisdom

56. Blog post about Joseph Smith(Oct 2014)

57. Celebrate 2 year anniversary

58. Get a library card(Oct 2014)

59. Get associates degree from Utah State

60. Adopt a dog

61. Heart attack someone's house

62. Send my Mom flowers

63. Close on our first house

64. Share testimony in a sacrament meeting

65. Blog post about baptism

66. Blog post about Relief Society

67. Giveaway a mother's day haircut

68. Read a book about motherhood

69. Fill a love journal for Colten

70. Leave Colten a love note every day for a week

71. Fill a visions/affirmations/gratitude book

72. Buy "The Princess & the Frog" dvd

73. Attend a pilates class

74. Go to Oquirrh Mountain temple

75. Go to Draper temple

76. Journal about my first time in the temple

77. Post a Mormon message on my blog

78. Finish Thomas S. Monson biography

79. Donate to a Kickstarter campaign

80. Unsubscribe from unwanted email lists

81. Find primary care physician

82. Go to St. George with Colten

83. Memorize a favorite scripture

84. Send Breanna a mission package

85. No new clothes for a month

86. Choose to read over Netflix

87. Eat at a food truck 

88. Do left splits

89. Leave operation beautiful notes in magazines

90. Go hiking

91. Go camping

92. Wear lipstick to church

93. Go to the zoo

94. Wear my retainers to bed

95. Have Jimmy John's delivered for fun(Oct 2014. they couldn't deliver to my apt so I drove there lol)

96. Take Brayden to the temple

97. Do 10 push ups in a row

98. Unplug for 24 hours

99. Buy "Tangled"

100. Frame a quote for our new home

101. Write new 101 things list

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The LDS General Women's Meeting was last Saturday. It acts as sort of a kick off for the continuation of 5 more sessions next week, 4 for the general public, 1 reserved more specifically for males. Conference is like a refreshing renewal twice a year for me. I've always been a note taker so I decided to share my notes from this past session with you. Take note, (heeh heeh, punny!) these are my own personal notes, not direct quotes from those speaking. 

-The temple gives us the power to face life's adversities

- They were "prepared in a way which never had been known"

-Matthew 25 is a parable for temple preparation

-Preparedness comes drop by drop

-Consistent and diligent 

-Only the home can compare to the sacredness of the temple

-Can we feel the spirit in our apartment?

-Where much is required, much much more will be given

-Look up "diligent" in Preach My Gospel Christlike Attributes

-The temple should be much more than a one time event

-Above all, WE are His

-Covenants with God help us to know who we really are

-Peace. Power. Protection. all come from the temple

-For them, their covenants were everything.

-"A remarkable connection to heaven." Can people say that about me?

-How can I make temple & family history a bigger part of my life?

-Every mighty change of heart matters to the Lord

-We should be consistently adding to our truth & light and then share that truth & light with those around us

-We need more distinctive & influential voices from women that are willing to speak out

-If you want to give light to others, you have to GLOW yourself!

-We must go to the source of light

-Truth shineth

-He was my only hope

-A mother can influence more than anyone else in any other relationship

-Memorize The Living Christ

-You are always a child of God. You will never lose that title

-God sent us to prepare for a great future

-It takes more than a "child of God" membership card to claim the ultimate blessings

-Live the gospel joyfully with all our heart.

-Do we really need to follow ALL of God's commandments? I think God knows something we don't

-The commandments aren't life hacks from a blog or a quote on a Pinterest board, they are the road to exaltation

-God knows of your successes, even your smallest ones

-Your dress size does not change your worht

-Live the gospel joyfully and you will discover your best self

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3 (Easy) Ways to be a Better Visiting Teacher Today

Ever since I was called to my new relief society calling, I've spent a lot of time thinking about visiting teaching. I think we complicate it. We make it WAY harder than it needs to be. We stress ourselves out about visits, handouts, treats, and looking perfect when we go. Please tell me I'm not alone in this. 

Leaving my singles ward for what I call "real world visiting teaching" was a big change for me. All of the sudden my companion and visiting teachees were WOMEN of all ages. Not just 18-25 year old single college students. 

So here's how we can simplify our visiting teaching practice, and be better visiting teachers today!

1. Send a text or email with a positive thought.

We are surrounded with chaos, fear, anger, competition and so much else that can darken our lives, How would it be to open your email and have a thought from this past general conference with a quick, "Just thinking of you! Is there anything I can do for you right now?" I know I'd appreciate it.

2. Pray for them.

It's as simple as asking Heavenly Father to bless your sisters, and to lead you by His spirit to know how to fill their needs.

3. Mail a note.

There's something about good old fashioned mail. Write a thank you for your most recent visit. Thank her for letting you get to know her and remind her of your love and of her Heavenly Father's love for her. 

Visiting teaching is about loving and serving in the ways the Savior would. It's not about showy handouts, or anything else, it's about ministering to those whom Heavenly Father has trusted with you.
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The 1 Easy Way You Can Serve Your Husband Every Day

I'm over at Life With Amberly sharing the one easy way you can serve your husband every day. Head over there to check out the post!


Today at 11:00 AM I graduated from Paul Mitchell the School. I am officially a cosmetology school graduate! I can hardly believe it.

I'm really grateful my husband and family were able to be there to see my final clock out and give me hugs and balloons to congratulate me. What a blessing they are to me. 

I'm excited for my future. I'm glad I chased a dream despite what others said about it. And I'm happy to be a licensed, educated, excited cosmetology professional!

Here's some other posts about my time at cosmetology school as well as some posts about hair care products I'm passionate about...

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3 Ways to Overcome Yoga Class Insecurity

I remember my first yoga class well. I was a freshman in college and decided to give the whole yoga thing a shot. I spent the entire class worrying. What do these girls think about me? Am I holding this pose right? What if I pass gas? I can only do the simplest form of the pose, am I really that out of shape?? And the self-doubt went on and on. I knew yoga class was good for me, but it was really hard!

I've done quite a bit more yoga over the past few years and have my own tried and true ways to overcome yoga class insecurity...

1. Remember this, "If you knew how often people thought about you, you'd realize how rarely they do."

I guarantee most of the people in the class are full of their own worries. They are freaking out inside about how painful that last downward dog was and less worried about the fact that you came out of yours early. They have their own dang problems to worry about.

2. Create positive mantras to repeat.

A big part of yoga is bringing together the mind, body and spirit. Create mantras to repeat to yourself when things get tough in class. If that gorgeous skinny blonde gives you a "look", have a mantra on call! "I am powerful beyond measure." "I am working hard and doing my best." "I am happy and positive." "Who I am makes a difference."

Powerful mantras can keep you going when you start doubting yourself.

3. Keep going. 

The more you go, the more you know. It's a simple as that. The more often you sit in chair pose, the easier it gets. Yoga has a lot to do with muscle memory, so things WILL feel awkward at first. You are moving your body in new ways and it's normal. Remember that even though you aren't doing yoga perfectly, it's a "practice" which means you do it over and over again. Perfection isn't the goal, progress is.

 5 Reasons To Try Yoga!

Do you practice yoga? What are your tips for enjoying class even while having insecurities?

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It Starts With H E L L O

Isn't it interesting how every connection we make in life starts with a simple, "hello?"

My most unexpected connection came when a blogger friend of mine (Brielle) who I had never met in real life set me up on a blind date with one of her ex-boyfriends. He drove the 2 hours from his home to my college apartment, brought flowers and said, "Hello." 

He was so cute. I never expected to fall in love as fast as we did. I was grateful that the random connections between us somehow brought us together so we could have a lifetime of hellos. You can learn more about our LOVE STORY here.

Lindt chocolate has some delicious chocolates themed around making connections with those we encounter with simple "Hello"s. You can even watch YouTube videos about it!

The HELLO chocolates come in 3 sizes...
  • Sticks (the perfect size to satisfy a craving)
  • Bars (easy to break into bite size pieces for a small treat)
  • Mini Sticks (perfect for using to strike up a hello with someone!)

Be sure to check out new episodes of the "It Started With Hello" web series every week to see some of your favorite YouTube stars and celebrities spark new connections with each other.

And make connections of your own by entering the Lindt Hello Connections Sweepstakes for a chance to win sweet experiences from Lindt Chocolate.

Many thanks to Lindt HELLO for sponsoring today's post and giving my readers a chance to win really sweet prizes!

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6 Ways to Beat Bloggers Block

I attended an amazing mini blogger conference this past weekend. (Special thanks Aubrey for putting it all together and being a fab host!)

During one of our "round table" style discussions someone asked the inevitable question...

"What do you do when you don't know what to blog about?"

These are the 5 things we talked about to help you beat blogger block... PERMANENTLY!

1. Have a series

Life With Amberly & Joe has some really great series' she does on her blog. What do you do when you don't know what to write? Add to the series!

2. Focus on your niche

What is that you blog about? Marriage? College? Books? Your life?

Really focusing in on what your niche is can help you generate blog posts. One blogger shared the quote "Constraint breeds Creativity". Once I decided on the 6 categories (see left side bar) that I wanted to blog mostly about, now if I don't know what to blog about I think, "What can I add to one of these categories?" Usually just looking at all 6 gives me a creative boost.

3. Pinterest Board of Ideas

Create a "secret" Pinterest board. When you see a pin that sparks a blog post idea, pin it to that board! When you are blocked, go back to the board. One night everyone was pinning like crazy about a new movie coming out, I pinned a pin of it and then came back to it a few nights later. This was the end post.

4. Link to other posts & write about it

Did one of your favorite bloggers do a post you just LOVED? Was there a news article you had thoughts about? Or an online magazine you read that had an interesting topic? Write a response to the post and send your bloggers to the original post with a link. I read a Christian article about effective ways to study the bible book of Isaiah. So I blogged about it! We all love sharing our thoughts, that's why we are bloggers!

5. Monthly Themes

Is it Halloween time? Share what you were last Halloween and give hints as to what you'll be this year! February? Make a list of things you love. July? Write a post about what America means to you. Etc. etc. etc. Every month has something unique about it. Use it to your advantage and blog about it!

Did I miss any really great ideas? How do YOU beat bloggers block?

Want More?

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One Mormon Woman's Thoughts on Being Perfect

If you haven't read Girl in a Whirl, you should. Even though it was lengthy, I shared it when I gave a talk in church recently. Because it's a reminder of how much we are encouraged to do with our lives. The gospel is not a to-do list. I remember when I was a teenager in seminary I would think to myself every evening, as long as I have read my scriptures and prayed, if Christ came tonight I would be ready. That thinking was good in that it helped me develop good, righteous habits. But the biggest reason that those simple things made a difference was because praying and reading my scriptures every night CHANGED me. 

Before I got married I thought I was pretty swell. I got good grades, had a good job, and lots of friends. I figured the only thing I needed was a man. And after Mr. Right came along, I truly had my heaven on earth. Getting married is the best decision I ever made. I love him, he loves me (Barney anyone?) and we love the Lord. He makes me laugh and buys me flowers. He lets me tell him Disneyland trivia and we get to kiss and cuddle as much as we'd like! But the reason that marrying him has been so good for me, is because getting married opened a whole new can of worms when it came to expectations on myself.

I NEVER cook dinner. (Read as: I cook dinner maybe once a month or less) I gained weight over our first year of marriage that I am fighting to lose. I hate making the bed (a habit from college life) and because of me we got two cats that get hair all over everything. My husband never complains about any of this, but he doesn't have to, because it affects me anyway. 

I dreamed of getting married and being the perfect wife. I dreamed of my husband bragging to his friends about how amazing his wife is, and his co-workers seeing pictures of me and being jealous of his beautiful (and smart!) arm candy. Getting married opened a can of worms for me because simply put, I. AM. NOT. PERFECT. Which in turn means there's no way I could be the perfect wife. 

In my search for solace over my imperfections I found this quote...

"And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can just be good."

Good. I think I could be that. I could be a good student, and a good wife. A good daughter. A good visiting teacher. A good righteous daughter of God. 

We don't have to be perfect, God doesn't expect us to. Jeffrey R Holland said...

"Except in the case of His only Begotten Son, imperfect people are all God has ever had to work with. That must be terribly frustrating to Him, but He deals with it. So should we."

We need to do just that. Suck it up and deal with our imperfections. We don't have to be perfect, we can just be good.

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Love Him Like His Dog Does

As wives, I think most of us are often on the look out for how we can love our husbands better. We try to set goals and do better and improve our relationships. So when I heard the song "Like My Dog" by Billy Currington I laughed and thought, "THAT is some dang good relationship advice."

If you haven't heard this song yet, take a listen, it's pretty funny AND you might be able to sift through the song and get a few really great wifey goal ideas!

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Victoria's Secret Sport Review

This past weekend I recieved my Influenster Vox Box with a brand new sports bra and capri yoga pants from Victoria's Secret Sport Collection. I will say, for sports wear that I've been DYING to own, it met and exceeded every expectation! 

I received the "Incredible by Victoria's Secret Sports Bra" and "Knockout by Victoria's Secret Crop" bottoms.

Thoughts on the bra...

  • I love that you can get it in YOUR band and cup size. None of that Small, Medium, Large stuff here! 
  • A little hard to get on, but once it was on I KNEW my chest was going to stay in place for my entire workout. And it did.
  • The support was incredible. I wore it to my 1.5 yoga class the other day and did a HIIT workout this evening and it worked perfectly in both cases.
Thoughts on the crops...
  • Really thick. Which personally I LOVE! No butt crack showing through here.
  • Flattering. They made my butt look amazing. My husband told me so.
  • They moved with me. I think I only had to fix one wedgie for that whole 90 minute yoga class, which is a record low for me.
Overall I loved my products from Victoria's Secret Sport. Though they are a little pricey, I can see how the quality of them will make them last longer than any other sports clothes I own. I'll just save up and splurge occasionally. ;)

(I received these products for testing purposes from Influenster. All opinions are my own.)

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Self Worth Comes From Where?

Today I'm over at the blog My New Lines writing about self worth... It's worth a read!

12 Times to the Temple

When Colten and I got married a little over a year ago we set a goal:

To go to the temple together at least once a month.

And at the end of August, we did it. We officially went for the twelfth consecutive month.

Going to the temple with my husband strengthened my relationship with him. It helps me keep an eternal perspective and give me courage and hope when things are rough. It reminds me of the eternal promises I made with my Heavenly Father and with my husband, and of the infinite future we have together.

The temple IS my happy place. The temple with my husband, is heaven. 

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Where to Buy Mickey Ears for your Disney Trip

Wearing Mickey ears is a tradition for many Disney park goers. I've worn them a few times there and have always loved having them! I was researching where I could buy ears for my trip this upcoming October and found a ton of places to buy Mickey ears besides Disneyland. Many of them are unique, which will be fun because they won't look like everyone else's in the park. 

Halloween Ears
These are the ones I purchased for my trip and it they are SO cute!

Mickey Ears

Flower Mickey Ears 

Red Minnie Mouse Ears

Sparkly Minnie Ears

Star Wars Ears

Which ones would you pick to wear to Disneyland?
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DIY Malibu Diet Coke

I've been on the Dirty Diet Coke train for a few months now (toot toot!) and when going to a local soda shop the other day I tried a Malibu Dr. Pepper. I immediately knew I needed this in Diet Coke form. So the next day I went home and made my own and it was heavenly.


(1) 12 ounce can of Diet Coke
(1) shot of Torani Vanilla Syrup (here)
(1) shot of Torani Coconut Syrup (here)

Instructions: Pour half can into a large cup. Add 1 shot Torani Vanilla Syrup and
 1 shot Torani Coconut Syrup. Finish adding can to cup. Enjoy!


If you don't want to buy the syrups just for yourself, throw a girls night out featuring Malibu Diet Cokes and spoil your friends! Or skip on over to your local Maverick and treat yourself using their flavor shots. It's seriously that simple.

Let me know if you try this recipe, I'd love to know what you thought of it!

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Mickey Ear Decisions, aka the Life Changing Kind of Decisions

When I started cosmetology school I told Colten that as my graduation present I wanted to go to Disneyland. He agreed, and since we honeymooned there we thought it would be fun to go back when we weren't exhausted as crap from the wedding and driving 12 hours and Colten losing his wallet (which is a whole story of it's own). 

With some planning on my parents part, we've now booked a trip to Disney in October. YAY!

Instead of spending my husband's entire paycheck on a pair of Mickey ears once we are there (hyperbole for the win), I decided to get on Etsy and see what those creative women out there are selling. 

Now I've narrowed it down to three! 

Which one is YOUR favorite? And which one should I rock in Disneyland next month?

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Christ As A Comforter

This post is inspired by the Visiting Teaching Message this month.

As far as anyone knew it was just a normal Sunday. I was sitting in Sunday School when I knew that a sob fest was about to occur. I leaned over to my roommate and told her I needed to be alone but that I'd be back to pick them up after church.

I got in my car, called one of my closest friends and began sobbing. Some of it is a blur. I remember being in my car. I remember my phone dying and driving back to my apartment through the tears. I remember kneeling on my bathroom floor asking Heavenly Father to help me stop shaking. And I remember collapsing on the floor when my friend picked up and said,

 "Brooklyn, everything is going to be okay."

I faintly remember the conversation. I remember spilling my guts to him and telling him exactly what I wanted and why it was hurting me so much and he told me something that has stuck with me ever since.

No matter what I do, I won't make it through life without getting hurt. And it's worth getting hurt to go after what you want. He told me that it's true that no one on this earth knew my pain, they didn't know what I was experiencing, but that Christ did. He understood perfectly. Because he felt all my pain and sorrows already.

Despite all of the sob fests I had over the next few months, I have decided on one thing for certain...

I am grateful for trials.

Trials have a way of refining us in ways that nothing else can. They teach us how strong we are, and prepare us for our future callings.

I'd been betrayed and lied to. I'd been used. I'd lost very good friends because of misunderstandings. I'd been in a car accident that unexpectedly put me in the emergency room and has left me afraid to drive to this day. I'd been hated. I'd been gossiped about and I've had my heart shattered into a million pieces. 

But I wouldn't give up those experiences for ANYTHING.

Because those were defining moments in my life.

Because they strengthened me and taught me who I am and who I can rely on.

Because they showed me just how much I can handle and just how nice I can be, even to those who may not be the most deserving in our eyes.

Because those experiences showed me how precious life is.

 My roommate wrote me a note amidst all this that told me that when she is feeling so upset that she can't even get the words out, sometimes she just tells God, "Please hold me." And that she can almost instantly FEEL His embrace. 

It worked. Christ held me. He comforted me when no amount of Chickfila would do. And when no matter what anyone said or did, I was still physically ill over the situation. Christ took me into his arms and said, "Come here little lamb, have you forgotten that YOU are mine? And my how precious and beautiful you are."

In those loneliest, darkest, sleepless most heart wrenching nights; Christ became my very best friend.

And I wouldn't trade that relationship for the world.

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Yesterday we celebrated Colten's 23rd birthday, and today we celebrated my 21st birthday. We spent it at my grandparents cabin in Island Park, Idaho and it was such a wonderful relaxing weekend. I"m so happy this man was born! 

Sometimes birthday photos turn out like this... 

And sometimes they turn out like this...

I hope you all had yourselves a lovely Labor Day weekend!

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