Friday, October 24, 2014

Disneyland Mythbusters!

Yo. I am Mindy from Best.Day.Ever. 

While Brooklyn is away, I've come out to play!

Like Brooklyn, I am an avid Disneyland goer! After the age of 10 or so, I lost track of how many times I had been and have never kept up since. I just know everyone should go as often as humanly possible! :)

So! For your enjoyment, while Brooklyn is in Disneyland, I thought I would debunk/confirm some of the Disneyland secrets that are floating around the internets! They just might change the way you Disneyland-it for-ever! 

1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Real skulls are used in the ride 

Fact. All of the skeletons and skulls you see on the ride are fake, except the one in above the bed. It is easy to tell the difference between the real one and all the fake ones. Apparently, back in the day, all of the skeletons were real because they were cheaper and easier to come by {how is that even possible?!}. But now that is the lone real skull left.

2. Toy Story Characters : They will fall if you yell,  "Andy is coming!"

False. This used to be true, however, kind of like when kids ask there parents, "Are we there yet?" it got old and they characters stopped dropping to the ground when the declaration was made. If you yell "Andy is coming" the characters will no longer drop. However {!!!!} the jury is still out on if you yell, "Bonnie is coming!" ;)

3. Haunted Mansion: If you ask the host/hostess in the front foyer and ask for death certificate, they will provide you with one.

False. In the past, if you were able to convince the host/hostess that you had died, they would provide you with a death certificate. But Disneyland decided they didn't want anyone to take anything home with the word "dead" on it, so the practice was discontinued. However, if you ask, they will happily tell you, "I am sure you will get one day!"

4. Mad Hatter Tea Cups: Not all the teacups are capable of spinning at the same speed

Fact. If you want the fastest tea cup, pick the purple one!

If you want a few more mythbusters, come join me over at Best.Day.Ever. for a few more!

Can't wait to see you!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

10 Little-Known Disney Secrets

Hi folks! My name is Leah, and I blog over at The Ordinary Snowflake. On my blog, I write about life and books and food and fashion. And sometimes I just like to have a place to dump my amateur photography. Either way, it's always a good time. (Come say hi, let's be friends. You can also catch me on InstagramTwitter, and Bloglovin, if you're into any of that stuff.)

I'm super glad to be here filling in for Brooklyn while she's busy having fun at Disneyland. Are you jealous of her or what?

I love Disneyland. As a Southern California native, it's sort of like a second home to me. Over the years, I think I've been there literally hundreds of times, and I learn something new about it almost every time I go.

Me, my mom, and my sister-in-law on our most recent Disneyland visit. Yes, we all got minnie ears. No shame.

There's something so magical about Disneyland — even for someone like me, who actually hasn't seen most "classic" Disney movies. Really, the magic is in the details of the park, the little gems you have to carefully look and listen for to fully appreciate.

Here are some of my favorite little nuggets of knowledge about Disneyland (and California Adventure). Some of you hardcore Disneylanders might already know some of these, but hopefully you learn a thing or two.

1. The buildings on Main Street at Disneyland were constructed using "forced perspective" to appear bigger. Each story higher in a building uses smaller bricks, smaller windows, etc, giving the illusion of a taller building when standing at ground level! It's even used in the castle, which is only 77 feet tall.

source: wikipedia

2. Disneyland has underground tunnels throughout the park to allow the employees to get around without battling through the crowds. That's how the costumed characters can get to specific places without being stopped for photos all along the way.

3. In the line for Indiana Jones, there are symbols all over the walls and floor. And they're not just for looks! They're actually in a special code that can be translated into messages. When the ride first opened, employees would hand out translation cards, and I think you can still get one of these cards if you ask. Read all the translated messages here.


4. If you don't mind getting split up from your group for a ride, going "single rider" is a little-known trick that can easily save you an hour or so on a busy day. Some rides that offer this are the Matterhorn, the Cars ride, and California Screamin'. I ALWAYS advantage of this! If you can't find the single rider entrance, just ask an employee.

5. Space Mountain is specially engineered to make you feel like you're going fast, even though the highest speed you'll ever reach is about 35mph. They use techniques like sudden turns and streams of air blowing at your face.

6. In the past there's been a problem with people flashing the camera for Splash Mountain photos. Yikes. It was so much of an issue that they hired someone just to filter through the photos so no one would see them! Now it's done automatically.

7. One of the skulls in the Pirates ride is from an actual human: the one on the bed in the treasure room. Not the skeleton looking at the magnifying glass — the skull and crossbones on the headboard. When the park first opened, supposedly all the skeletons were real — sourced from the UCLA medical center — because Walt just wasn't satisfied with the appearance of the fake ones. Creepy.


8. In the new Star Tours ride, one rider is secretly chosen to be the "rebel spy"; their picture is taken before the ride and shown as part of the story. They almost always choose someone who has a birthday or "First Visit" pin (which you can get from any employee in the park if you're celebrating). Also, make sure to face forward and wait to put your 3D glasses on until the ride starts — otherwise, they won't be able to take the picture.

9. There is an elite Disney club called Club 33. It's mainly for special industry sponsors, but individuals can join — provided they're willing to wait on the 14-year waiting list, pay $27,000 to be initiated, and give an additional $11,000 per year to maintain membership. The Club 33 lounge entrance is near the Blue Bayou at Disneyland, and it has lavish dining rooms, a full bar, and special decor including props and artifacts from Disney history. The door is painted a special color referred to as "noseeum green", which is thought to be a very minimally disruptive color to the human eye, making it more discreet. This color is also common throughout the park for things like trash cans and non-decorative buildings.

source: wikipedia

10. Similar to the famous fresh orange scent used in the ride Soarin' Over California, lots of places in Disneyland use discreet vents to release smells to park-goers.

For example, vanilla scent is used near the sweets shops on Main Street — who wants a fresh-baked cookie?

It's pretty crazy how much effort they put into all the little things, don't you think?

Even though I'm not a kid anymore, I still love the magic and charm of the Disneyland experience. Maybe it's just nostalgia, but I like to think it's something more than that.

For all you die-hard Disney fans — how many of these did you already know? What's your favorite thing about Disneyland?

Thanks, Brooklyn, for having me on the blog today, and I hope you're having an awesome time on your magical vacation!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My Favorite Disneyland Ride

I've been to Disneyland a LOT of times... and one of the biggest questions people ask me when they find out what a Disney fanatic I am is this...

What's your favorite ride?

It's such a hard question to answer, but I would probably say Indiana Jones! 

Runners up are Pirates of the Caribbean, Radiator Springs Racers, Tower of Terror and Haunted Mansion.

What's your favorite Disneyland ride?

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What to Wear to Disneyland

Planning what you wear each day may be a battle. It may be exciting, it may be stressful, it may take a long time. Now take that, and times it by 10. That's what it's like to plan what you are gonna wear to Disneyland. 

I start thinking about what I'm gonna wear weeks/months in advance to my Disney trip. And I try to to save money wherever possible by buying touristy items before I go. (Read this post about where to buy Mickey ears before your next trip!)

Here's the 3 outfits + 1 spare that I have planned for our trip.

Mickey tee (Walmart)
Black yoga pants (Walmart)

Comfort matters at Disneyland! Yoga pants are seriously my go-to for comfort and they don't get chafy if they get wet, and they dry quick in case you decide to ride Splash Mountain.

3/4 Sleeve Stripe Shirt (Target)
Leopard Scarf (Walmart)
Black Yoga Pants (From Day 1)

You will still want to look cute at Disneyland, because more than likely you will be taking lots of pictures. A lightweight scarf is the perfect way to do this.

Polka dot lightweight top (H&M)
Yoga Capris (Walmart)

The top is SO cute that it speaks for itself. I usually go sans jewelry at Disneyland and comfy cute outfits like this let me do that, plus it is a fabulous look with some Mickey ears added!

Blue floral top (JC Penney)
White capsleeve (Downeast Basics)
Black yoga pants (From Day 3)

I like light flowy tops (Plus they hide the food baby from 3 days of eating like crap in the parks) but I also like the modesty that comes from the capsleeve. Again yoga pants. I wear nothing else in Disneyland, there's no reason to.

Packing an extra outfit is essential (unless you're okay buying an extra outfit at the park or your hotel) because you never know what could happen. You could get caught in a rainstorm and want to change, you could spill ketchup all down the front of you, you could rip your blouse on something, so I guess the worry wart in me considers it important to pack the extra outfit and to make it one I love just as much as the others.

Tennis shoes (Walmart)
Hoodie (Old Navy)
Mickey Ears (Etsy)
Sunglasses (Dollar Tree)

You need a good light-weight jacket or coat to take with you, don't let the temperature during the day deceive you, it gets REALLY cold in the morning and evening. Also make sure you pack shoes that you KNOW are comfortable. For my honeymoon I wore cute sandals and regretted it so much, this time around I'm wearing my work out shoes because I know that they don't give me blisters and don't hurt my feet or rub in weird places.

Glasses are likely to get smashed. You're getting on and off rides and I guess I'm just not grown up enough to take care of my sunglasses, but I just buy mine from the Dollar Tree so if they get ruined, oh well, I'm only out $1. Mickey ears can be purchased in the park if you want them to hold more sentimental value, but you will also pay a lot more for ears IN the park.

What do you consider Disneyland outfit essentials? Did I miss anything??

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Why I Always Take Ziplock Baggies to Disneyland

Something random that I always make sure to pack in my bags for Disneyland is ziplock baggies.

1. Water Rides
Maybe I'm the only one, but I panic on water rides. I worry about my cell phone,pictures, the cash we happen to be carrying, and any other electronics that may be packed in our bags/pockets. It's comforting to be able to take the things that are not waterproof and put them in a ziplock bag and then focus on Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah.

2. Snacks
We usually pick a hotel that has free breakfast, which means I usually try and grab a little extra and put it in a ziplock bag and throw it in the backpack. Whether it's a bagel or a muffin or fruit, it's nice to have a snack a few hours later to hold me over til lunch.

3. Keep Things From Leaking
Want to pack hand sanitizer, sunscreen or any other liquid item? We all know the feeling of lotion being blown across our entire purse and every individual content therein. The simple solution? Bag it. If you aren't gonna need it every 10 minutes just keep it in a baggy until you DO need it!

What is something you ALWAYS take with you to Disneyland?

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Friday, October 17, 2014

7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess

A few days ago you may have read THIS POST. The mess of a blog post where I poured my heart out about my thoughts on fighting the need for excess. I talked about how I'd been thinking on the subject a lot lately and how God was guiding me. 

Last Monday on a whim, my husband and I went to the library and got ourselves library cards. I've been praying to the Lord a lot about these thoughts on excess and how I could use my feelings to change myself and in turn maybe change a little bit in this world. While browsing for books in the "religion" section I found this one... 7: an experiemental mutiny against excess by Jen Hatmaker. No doubt, the Lord led me to this book. 

She purposefully fasts from excess in 7 ways, giving each way a month (4 weeks) to settle in and be practiced. 

1. Clothes
2. Shopping
3. Waste
4. Food
5. Possessions
6. Media
7. Stress

Each month she sets goals, reads books, talks things over with her friends, gives things away and focuses on becoming more Christlike. She talks about taking care of the poor and needy, and praying for well, just about everyone. She inspired me. 

There is so much excess in my life. So much I don't need. So much buying and spending out of sheer habit and not out of need. I probably won't become a radical Mother Teresa overnight, but this book inspired me to evaluate my spending, of money and of my time. I want to BE more like the Savior, not just attend church, and attend to my calling and "read" my scriptures every night. I want the words of the scriptures to be more than words, I want them to be avenues to my personal "ah-hah" moments where I say, "I get it now God, I totally get it." 

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