Lipsense Review (From a Non-Distributor!)

Raise your hand if you've seen Lipsense rolling around your Facebook feed. Okay, basically everyone. 

I was the same way! I had so many friends who were selling it that it kinda fell into the endless pit of Facebook noise. But the more I saw the more curious I got. Was this lipstick REALLY staying on all day? Like... really? I was hesitant to spend $55 on lipstick. When my friend from school messaged me and asked if I'd like to review it I was like, "YES!" 

And now I'm obsessed. Like, contemplating my next 10 colors I want! 

My husband hates lipstick. But the only reason is because he doesn't want to kiss me and get makeup smeared across his face. I made him kiss me while wearing Lipsense and voila! No transfer! We kissed a little more just to test it out ;) It works you guys! It literally stayed on through a campfire where I ate a hot dog, chips and 2 smores. I went inside to check my makeup and the lipstick looked FLAWLESS. I was sure it was flaking all over or smeared, but it wasn't. 

One thing I've heard people saying is, "I hear it burns when you put it on! Why would I wear that??" Ya know, when you use a menthol lipgloss and it tingles? That's what it feels like. Lipsense is actually good for your lips. It takes a few times of wearing to get used to it, but after that it doesn't tingle anymore and your lips start to get healthier. 

I'm an annoying customer. I worried about picking the right color for me and Jess was so helpful! She asked me all the right questions, took into account my low-maintenance makeup routine and suggested Aussie Rose and you guys! It is perfection!

So, I'm pretty sure my next purchases will be the Matte Gloss, First Love, Burnt Orange for fall and Beige Champagne. But there are seriously so many I want! Go check out Jess's VIP Facebook group for all the colors and her current deals! You will not regret it!

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Home Salon Gallery Wall- featuring Deseret Book

Ever since opening my home salon in April, I've been trying to figure out what to put on the walls. I don't really have an eye for decoration, so as much as I want my home to look like a catalog... it just hasn't happened. But I wanted my salon to be a little different. I wanted it to look nice and professional, but I wasn't sure how to figure out what to put where. 

I was so excited to see that Deseret Book had added some Art Gallery Wall Pads to their inventory. The pads contain around 20 prints of all different sizes. I got the Life Is Beautiful Art Gallery Pad and it had 6 gold foil prints and 2 silver foil prints! They are so beautiful!

There were so many  beautiful prints it took me quite awhile to narrow it down to my favorites. I'm still hanging on to the prints I didn't use because I want to use them around my house in other areas. 

Aren't they gorgeous?? And just look at those gold foil ones below! These type of prints are easily worth $10-$20 a piece, but the whole set was only $14.99!! You get SO MANY PRINTS.

Once I narrowed it down I framed the ones I really loved and then started playing with the placement. I re-laid the prints out so many times!

I ended up with the layout below for my salon! I had my husband hang them up and they look amazing. Even though my indecisiveness made it take forever for me to choose which prints to use, the Gallery Art Pad made it so easy because all of the prints had a flow to them or a similar theme I guess you could say. I love how it turned out and I get so many compliments from my clients that they love how the wall turned out. 

Deseret Book has so many options for Gallery Art Pads. And at only $14.99 each they are a steal! Frames are not included but that just means you get to pick which frames fit your taste best. Here are all the options:

-Life is Beautiful (which I have)
-Love Collection (the next one I want!)

Thanks to Deseret Book for sponsoring this post! I was sent the Art Gallery Pad & Frames in exchange for a review of the product. As always, I only share products I love and use!

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Function of Beauty Review- Personalize Your Hair Care Routine

Last month as I was scrolling through my Instagram feed I came across a company called Function of Beauty. The purpose of the company is to create personalized shampoo and conditioners based on an individual's hair type and hair goals. I decided to give it a shot!

When you go to the Function of Beauty website, you fill out an assessment so the chemists can determine the best formula for you based on your hair type. Here is what mine looked like. 

First you choose your formula name. I just chose my first name. You also get to choose the shampoo and conditioner color which was fun!

Next you choose a fragrance. I went with Passion Fruit Papaya. It was a light scent but fruity nonetheless. I really enjoyed the scent although I couldn't smell it much once my hair was dry. Which could be a pro or a con depending on how you are on smells. I think next time I'll try the sandalwood violet though because that also sounds amazing!

You also choose your hair type. When I let my hair air dry I end up with a bit of a wave, so I chose wavy. 

Next up, hair structure. Fine, Medium or Coarse. You probably have some idea of where your hair falls on that one. For scalp moisture I chose normal because my scalp doesn't get abnormally oily but it also isn't flaky or super dry. 

Then you choose your top 5 hair goals. Which was SO hard. I went back and forth between so many. I ended up choosing the following. Deep condition, Replenish Hair, Strengthen, Lengthen, Shine. 

Overall, I would say that Function of Beauty is revolutionary. I love how easy they make it to get a shampoo and conditioner that are perfect for YOU. These products definitely measure up to salon quality products as well, which I do not say lightly because I am a hairstylist after all! They cost around the same as buying professional product but are absolutely worth it.

My only cons are these.

1. There is no purple toning shampoo option. As a blonde, I need to use purple shampoo pretty regularly to keep yellow tones out of my hair, and as of right now, there is no option on Function of Beauty for a toning shampoo. Although I hear they are working on expanding that!

2. Even choosing the deep condition option, I felt as though it was not "deeply conditioning" enough for my hair. I have dry, damaged hair from lightening and deep condition my hair 1-2X a week. Although the conditioner lives up to my every day professional conditioners, it was not moisturizing enough for a deep condition.

The cons are so few though that I still give this product and company a 5/5 rating! I'm excited to try my next set once these ones are done, I may change up the color and formula just a bit, just for fun :)

Use this link to save $5 off your first set!!!

(I recieved a complimentary set of 8 ounce shampoo and conditioner in exchange for a review. As always I only share products I love and recommend!)

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Grand Legacy At the Park Hotel Review -So Close to Disneyland!

A few months ago my Mom invited me to go on a little girls trip with her to Disneyland, so I of course said, "YES!" It turned into a trip including my little brothers, but I wasn't mad about it because they are my best friends! I began looking for a hotel because our usual go-to's were booked.

I came across the Grand Legacy At the Park and saw that it had been recently remodeled and it looked AMAZING. So we booked our stay and I'm happy to report that we loved the hotel! It was such a short walk to the parks too! Which is nice because we usually pop back into the hotel around lunch time for a nap and resting. 

Everyone at the front desk was so kind and helpful, which is always a bonus. We checked in around 7:00 pm after flying from Utah. So we all went into the room, and laid down on the beds for awhile. They were really comfy! We were especially impressed by the bathrooms. We've stayed in our fair share of hotels that were downright disgusting. Moldy, mildew everywhere, bugs, you name it. Disneyland area hotels can be... a little gross. But the bathrooms at The Grand Legacy? They were the cleanest bathrooms ever! We felt so at home in them. (Or more than at home considering I'm not super great at keeping our bathroom clean. LOL!) 

From the balcony outside our room was a great view of the fireworks! You'd have to see it to believe it. We went into the parks for a few hours but ultimately went to bed early so we could get there at park opening the next day.

The breakfast was amazing!! It wasn't super busy (even though the parks were) and there was a good combination of normal continental breakfast stuff and a few warm options like these delicious waffles!

We prefer to spend our time in the parks when we go to Disneyland, but I did sneak a peek at the pool and it never seemed overcrowded and it was big and looked amazing, especially in the heat of July. Man was it hot out. 

I also got a little behind the scenes tour of their rooftop bar The Fifth. It has amazing views of both parks and I wish I had gone up there at night-time. It's family friendly until 10 pm and they offer drinks, snacks and games for the little ones. They have the cutest little firepits to sit around and it is such a quaint little area. I'd love to go back and enjoy it in all it's glory. 

Overall we really enjoyed the hotel. When we were leaving my Mom said, "I have so many people ask me what hotels are good to stay at that are close to Disneyland. I am so glad I have a new one I can recommend to my friends!"

She's so right! I would absolutely recommend The Grand Legacy (formerly Ramada Maingate) to my friends & family. It was clean, less than a 5 minute walk to the parks (closer than the Disney hotels!) and great service and free breakfast! Not much more you could ask for in a hotel am I right?

(I received a complimentary night's stay at The Grand Legacy in exchange for a review post. All review comments are my own, as always!)

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Cariloha Bamboo Bedding Review + Giveaway

Ever since I saw Riley Jo's review of Cariloha's Bamboo sheets I've been dreaming about getting some for myself one day. They sounded amazing and every review I've read has been just as glowing. I finally reached out to Cariloha and they offered to send me some sheets in exchange for an honest review, so that's what I'm here to talk about today! 

Cariloha sent me the Resort Bamboo Bed Sheets in White as well as the Plush Bamboo Throw Blanket in Ocean Blue. It took me a few days to get the sheets out of the box and onto my bed, but once I did I was amazed. We LOVE these sheets. 

Cariloha's website says bamboo has these benefits...

+ Bamboo apparel, bedding, and bath products are 2X as soft as cotton.

+ Bamboo is 3 degrees cooler than cotton

+ Bamboo wicks moisture away from your body

+ Bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources on the planet

The other night I woke up in the middle of night (which is not unusual for me) and as I was re-situating to fall back asleep I was wiggling around and I had the thought, "These sheets are so soft!" And then I remembered that I had Cariloha sheets on my bed. They are amazingggg you guys. 

Each night when I climb into bed they feel like fresh sheets. As if they've just been washed. We sweat less at night because these sheets are definitely keeping us cooler. 

The blanket is definitely warmer, almost too warm for summer-time, but I hauled it with me to California when I went to Disneyland last week because my Mom likes to keep the hotel rooms as cold as the frozen tundra. Surprisingly I was warm enough in California that I didn't need the blanket at night. However, it was SO humid there that the sheets and pillows felt wet. Blah! It was so hard for me to lay my head on a pillow that felt wet. I remembered that the Cariloha bamboo products were supposed to wick away moisture so I laid the Plush Bamboo Throw Blanket across my pillow and sure enough, it felt dry!! So if you live in a more humid climate that dry old Utah, you will LOVE the feel of the bamboo sheets and blankets.

I am so excited today because Cariloha is letting me giveaway a set of Resort Bamboo Bed Sheets in your own color choice as well as the Plush Bamboo Throw Blanket in your color choice. Valued at $358!! They have been one of the most amazing companies I've ever worked with and I have been so impressed by their customer service and speed of shipping items to me. 

It is so easy to enter, just use the widget below and I will announce a winner by August 8, 2016! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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LuccaBlu Facial Mask Review

I've recently fallen in love with going to the spa. I love a relaxing atmosphere, cucumber water, dim lights and time set aside specifically for meditation and relaxation.

Unfortunately, I don't have the time or the money to make it to the spa every week (or even every single month!) and that's why at-home spa-quality face masks have become one of my new favorite things!

When LuccaBlu asked if I'd like to review their LuccaBlu Facial Sheet Masks I said, "YES!" I was so excited to give them a shot. 

These masks provide the highest quality ingredients without visiting a spa. They contain highly-concentrated collagen which helps provide the skin with resilience, strength and flexibility which also helps prevent aging.

I've used all 5 of the masks they sent me and will tell you this. They make my skin feel amazing. I usually apply while I'm taking a bath and just close my eyes, focus on my breathing and relax for 15 minutes while the mask does it's job. After the 15 minutes you remove the mask and gently rub the excess in instead of washing it off to achieve the best results possible.

All of the masks are on sale now for $8 each or $6 each if you buy a series of 5. Compared to a spa facial which would cost you around $60, this is a great deal! I'm all for a day at the spa and a few hours of relaxation, but for those weeks/months that you don't have the time or money, LuccaBlu is the perfect option to get the highly concentrated collagen at a price you can afford. And we all should really be taking AT LEAST 15 minutes a week to meditate anyway, am I right?

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Ready for Take Off...The Leonardo Takes Flight! (Plus a Giveaway!)

Most people living in Northern Utah have heard of or been to The Leonardo. Generally, The Leonardo is used for traveling exhibits such as Body Worlds or Mummies. But now, a home-grown Utah exhibit is coming...

FLIGHT will be a semi-permanent exhibit that will be on display for the next few years. And YOU can get discount tickets by donating to the Kickstarter campaign HERE

Leonardo Da Vince had a huge passion for flight. As a matter of fact, the FLIGHT exhibit will have a full-sized replica of his very first man-powered flying machine on display. The crown jewel of the exhibit will be a C-131 aircraft, it was so large that they actually had to dissemble the building to get it inside. The plane was actually flown on both commercial and military flights. You can get up on the wings, inside the cockpit and mess with all the buttons and gadgets. So cool right?? 

There are so many other awesome parts about this exhibit, but I'm sure you're wondering how to get discount tickets. By donating to the Kickstarter campaign, you can HUGE savings on discounts and exciting upcoming events. 

$5 Donation : Get Your Wings

-Free pair of Air Leo Wings 
-1 Free ticket to the museum

$30 Donation : First Flight

-Classic Bomber Hats & Goggles
-Air Leo Wings
-4 Free Tickets to the museum
-Treat from the cafe
-Special Gift from the Retail Store

$50 Donation : Ready for Take Off

-4 Tickets to the PRE-OPENING party on August 5th. It's going to be AMAZING and I plan on being there! 

So pop over to the Kickstarter campaign to get your tickets & make sure to share the link to the Kickstarter with your friends so they can get discount tickets too! The Leonardo is also letting me giveaway a Family Plus Pass to the Leonardo. It includes unlimited admission for 2 adults + 6 guests of any age into the Leonardo exhibits + 15% off the cafe & retail purchases. Valued at $145!!! 

The giveaway will end on July 12th at 9:00 am MST and the winner will be contacted within 24 hours to claim. 

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