SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium >> Review

If you live in Northern Utah, you've probably heard of SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium in Layton. It's conveniently located in the Layton Hills Mall, and I've finally had the opportunity to check it out. 

In exchange for a review post, SeaQuest has given me a free annual pass, but don't you worry because I always keep it honest here! 

First of all, SeaQuest has a Fiiz Drinks station at the entrance of the aquarium! That is seriously one of my favorite things about going! Plus, with each drink purchase you get a free token to do an activity (or purchase some small trinkets in the gift shop) which normally cost about $2.50. So it basically makes your drink free! (Or at least that's what I tell myself LOL!) 

I nanny my nephew 1x a week and I LOVE spending that time with him. We almost always find ourselves at the aquarium to see the "shishies". Here are a few of the things you can see there...

> Amazon Rainforest: Freshwater Stingrays, Caiman Alligator, Iguanas, Snapping Turtle
> California Coast: Giant Pacific Octopus, Wolf Eel, Starfish, Anemones, Moon Jellyfish
> Creatures of Light: Giant Scorpion, Axolotl, Red-Eyed Tree Frogs
> Mayan Jungle: Eels, Coral and Reef Fish, Brazilian Seahorse, River Fish
> The Boardwalk: Macaws, Doctor Fish, Interactive Activities, Exploratory Games
> Shark Lagoon: Grey Smooth Hound Shark, Bamboo Shark, Nurse Shark, Green Moray Eels
> Caribbean Cove: Cownose Rays, Southern Rays, Bat Rays, Blacktip Sharks, Leopard Sharks
> Egyptian Desert: Giant Sulcata Tortoise, Black & White Tegu Lizards, Coconut Crabs, Baby Turtles
> Pirate Ship: Yellow Tangs, Blue Tangs, Emperor Angels, Queen Angels, Lionfish
> Meet the Mermaids

And for additional cost you can swim with the Stingrays or get a Fish Pedicure! I totally need to get a fish pedicure soon. 

Another cool option is you can pre-schedule babysitting! For $5/hour you can drop your child off and do some shopping around the Layton Hills Mall while they take your child/children around the aquarium and participate in some super fun activities, just don't forget your Fiiz drink. ;) 

I am so excited to take my husband back to the aquarium and I love taking my nephew each week! My only complaint is that at certain hours of the day it can get REALLY busy, we went over Christmas break and we had quite a wait to get in. But honestly, that's why I would recommend the annual pass, because that way, if it's busy, you don't have to stay as long and you can come back as often as you'd like!

I'd definitely recommend the SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium, it is such a fun family activity, and absolutely worth splurging for the annual pass!  

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What Is Oil Pulling? + My Results!!

About a year ago I saw a post about Oil Pulling. Oil Pulling is an oral detoxification through the process of swishing tablespoon of oil (I use coconut oil) in your mouth for 5-20 minutes.

I started to read more about the benefits and last month I decided I really wanted to give it a try. I purchased some organic coconut oil, some Clove essential oil and gave it a try.

Some of the benefits of oil pulling: 

> Whitens Teeth
> Reduces Headaches
> Detoxes the Body
> Keeps Skin Clear
> Reduces Plaque
> Reduces Cavities
> Helps TMJ

After two weeks of oil pulling, here are my results...

I was SHOCKED! I'm so glad I had a before picture to compare it to because holy crap! 

I've been using about a tablespoon of oil + 1-2 drops of Clove Essential Oil, and swishing it around for 5-20 minutes. I'll be honest, when I first started, I GAGGED on it. I gagged the first few times, and I could only swish for a few minutes. Now I am up to about 15 minutes a time and no gagging. It has gotten so much easier. I usually walk around and do other things while I swish or I sit and read on my Kindle. 

Clove cleanses the mouth and gums as well as promotes fresh breath. So it's kind of like you're just taking your oil pulling one step farther! I ended up purchasing a full size Clove and a HUGE jar of Coconut Oil after seeing my results! This is definitely one part of my nightly routine I will be continuing with.

Have you ever tried Oil Pulling?

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3 Months Vegetarian- Why I Started Eating Vegetarian

Today is my 3 month mark since I started eating vegetarian. It has FLOWN by. I remember when I first started tossing the idea around over the summer and I was too afraid to take the leap. After reading The China Study it was just the push I needed to give it a try. I've now made it three months and haven't had even a bite of meat and honestly, I'm SO HAPPY! 

Eating vegetarian has done so many things for me.  It has helped clear up most of my IBS symptoms (sorry if that's tmi but it's true! and I'm 100% sure they'd clear up completely if I gave up dairy), it helped clear up my skin, has given me more energy, and has pushed me to try new things! 

I remember when I first got married, my husband randomly purchased clearance black bean burgers and I thought he was a freak. Back then, the idea of being vegetarian hadn't even really crossed my mind. Ever. 

The decision slowly crept in over time, an old co-worker of mine was vegetarian. She didn't ever make a big deal about it, but I remember when we all ordered lunch from Zupas and they forgot to leave the meat off her salad and that was when I learned she was vegetarian. I kinda looked up to her. I didn't know at the time, but about 6 months after, I was gonna become a vegetarian myself! 

There are a few things that led me to research animal products and a few things that gave me the final push. So I figured I'd share a few of those things. 

+ I had been reading and studying The Word of Wisdom. It is a law of health provided by the Lord to help us improve and care for our physical bodies and our spirits. One of the things it says is that meat is to be eaten sparingly. In the average American diet we eat SO MUCH MEAT. Some people can't even imagine "Meatless Monday" or "Vegetarian before dinner", because meat is such a staple in their life. This weighed on my heart and mind for quite awhile and I noticed every bite of meat that went into my mouth and knew it was not eaten sparingly. 

+ I watched "Vegucated" which was my first exposure to the effects animal products have on our bodies. My mind was blown! I learned so much about cholesterol and blood pressure and how animal products affected us. This was a big push towards vegetarian. It also had a few factory farm scenes and... BLAH.

+ I watched Cowspiracy which follows a little more of the environmental side of animal farming. 

+ I read "The China Study" which shows the science behind nutrition, where and why we get so much incorrect nutrition info (Every few pages I yelled, "IT'S ALL A CONSPIRACY MAN!" It took me awhile to get through this book because it's a lot of info. 

+ Following vegan bloggers like Annie helped me see other people who were having great results eating vegetarian/vegan and it made me want to get my own results. 

One day I randomly woke up and said, "This is the day, I'm gonna do it!" And on October 9th, I did. I started eating vegetarian and haven't had a bite of meat since. I honestly don't miss it! The only time I do is if I let myself get too hungry and I want to swing through a fast-food place for a burger or chicken nuggets. I've tried so many yummy foods that I would never have tried (quinoa burgers! YUM!) before going vegetarian, I've started cooking more. I've been meal-planning. I've tried meatless meats and love almost every single one I've tried! I've been enjoying every step of the way.

Each day feels like a victory. Saving animals and my IBS one day at a time. ;)

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January Goals

I wrote a post earlier this week about my 2017 goals. They are very broad, long-term goals and each month I plan to zero in on a few of them to really make them come to life! I use the Powersheets from Cultivate What Matters (which have been an amazing tool for me!) and they narrow it down to daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Here are my January goals.


+ Oil pulling
+ SIT time (This is my scripture study/meditation/journal time)
+ Yoga Practice
+ Post about Monat
+ Greens (Right now I'm using It Works Greens from Colleen!)
+ Probiotic (I'm currently taking a probiotic from GNC)
+ Skincare Routine 


+ Blog
+ Read for 30 minutes straight (I try to read daily but I want to really enjoy 30 minutes of pure, undistracted reading
+ Date night
+ Meal Plan
+ Cook a new recipe


+ Create a weekly cleaning routine
+ Buy a vegan cookbook
+ Finish foster care licensure
+ January Monat posting plan to simplify business
+ Temple Date
+ Workout Schedule for January
+ 3 hour "Brooklyn Date"

I am SO excited to continue working on these goals. 2017 is going to be AMAZING!

2017 GOALS

I LOVE FRESH STARTS!! I love celebrating a brand new year every single January. I find so much energy and power in starting over, and while you can make every single day a fresh start, there is something so refreshing about January 1st. 

I've got some BIG dreams and goals for 2017. I spent December filling out my Powersheets from Cultivate What Matters. They really help me uncover what will make my year the most purposeful one yet.

Here are my 10 goals for 2017...

1 // Enjoy daily SIT time (scritpure study, journaling, meditation) for at least 5 minutes

2// Attend 100 yoga classes

3 // Create daily health habits (greens, probiotic, more vegan meals, cook new recipes, meditation, meal planning) 

4 // Finish foster care licensing and become a foster mom

 5 // Tend my marriage well

6 // Continue to work my Monat business & donate 50% of profits to Utah Foster Care

7 // Make home more holy through cleanliness

8 // Get ready head to toe each day (hair, makeup, outfit, shoes, stop biting nails) 

9 // Read 12+ books 

10 // Blog Weekly 

The goals are fluid. I may not work on every single one every single month but they are my long term goals, so I wanted them in writing. My January goals dial in on few of them, and I'll try to share them this week, , but I wanted to share my over-arching views of what 2017 will look like.

So tell me, what does your 2017 hold for you??

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Target Gift Card Giveaway

I suppose giving away an Arvo watch + Monat Dry Shampoo wasn't enough, so I decided to be apart of this giveaway for a $200 Target Gift Card! It's so easy to enter! See below.

Prize: $200 Target Gift Card
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Ringing in the New Hair!!

I've got some BIG goals for 2017, one of them includes giving more! My 2017 word of the year is "GIVE", which is what inspired me to begin donating 50% of my income from Monat to Utah Foster Care. So in order to kick off my year of giving, I wanted to give something back to one of you!

So I'm giving away an Arvo Watch + Monat Dry Shampoo!! Valued at $114 you guys, this is a BIG giveaway! So be sure to enter by using the Rafflecopter below.

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