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Last year I remember seeing Intermountain come out with an app but I didn't pay much attention to it. (being honest) This year I saw they were coming out with another app that allowed you to meet with an IHC provider from anywhere and I was intrigued. How nice would that be when you're stuck at home with a pink-eye child and the last thing you want to do is get the kids ready to go to the doctor? Or when you're traveling to Hawaii and get the symptoms of a UTI (the worst!) and don't want to deal with even trying to find a provider in the area? Download the app, click click click and you're there!

 With the #MyConnectCare app you can download the app (which is free!), create an easy login, and then choose a provider to meet with. It's seriously so easy. & only $49 a visit. No guessing on what it's going to cost to go to a random doctor on your summer vacations, just take your cell phone and you're good to go.

You or your child can be provided with top-notch medical care with just a few clicks and you can stay home where you really belong when you're sick anyway! The visits are less than 10 minutes which is how long it would take you to drive to an Instacare + there's usually no wait which is amazing!! I hate doctor office waiting rooms, I usually convince myself my condition is way worse than it is if I have a long wait.

Intermountain also provided me with a few items to check out.

- Kinsa Smartphone Thermometer (We tried this on my husband when he was sick last week and we were super impressed! and you can buy it at Target for only $19.99)
-Intermountain Healthcare First Aid Kit (into the trailer it went!)
-White Sierra Scarf w/ Insect Shield (also going into the trailer plus it's so cute! and I'm dying because they also have Insect Shield Scarfs for pets!)

Although I hope I don't have to use Connect Care anytime soon... I'm grateful I know about it now because I will definitely be using this option in the future instead of popping into a local Instacare. I love that you can do your banking online, your shopping online, and now get health care from real providers online that fit within your insurance.

Let me know if you've tried Connect Care, I'd love to hear your opinion on it!

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