Rent Your Empty Space for CA$H with Neiybor

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Do you ever wish you could make a little bit more money each month? Or are you tired of paying self-storage unit prices to store your stuff? I have the solution for both!

Neiybor is kinda like the AirBnB of storage, it connects people with unused space with those who are in need of storage. A renter can save 50% on average compared to traditional self-storage. This opportunity lets Utah homeowners turn unused space into extra monthly income. 

Just think, a 5X5 space in your home could pay for Christmas! Pretty cool right??

Neiybor was featured on Good Things Utah and I am sure it is going to explode. Think about AirBnB, or Uber... these businesses TOOK OFF for a reason, and I believe Neiybor is going to do the same. 

How to Rent Your Space

The spaces in most demand are 10X10 (which makes around $60/month), Outdoor Vehicle/RV/Boat Space ($60-$100 depending on size), and Indoor Vehicle/RV/Boat ($80-$150 depending on size.) However, all spaces are needed!! 

1. Go to and click Sign Up
2. Use your Facebook profile to sign up (I love when I can do this!) or create an account 
3. Create a Rental Space (measure, describe, take photos, and then wait for the renters to roll in) 

Find a Space

1. Go to and click Sign Up
2. Use the search bar to find rental space near you
3. Compare rental spaces to find your best deal

It's SO SIMPLE. I'm kinda geeking out over it because I think this is such a cool idea. I've been telling all my friends and family about it, so I figured I might as well share it with all of you!

Let me know if you decide to rent your space or rent space to use, I want to hear your experiences!

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