5 Do's and Don'ts for Engagement Ring Shopping

If you are planning on going ring shopping with you beau this post is for you. It is an exciting time and you'll most likely get butterflies! It can be overwhelming but can be a great time if you plan ahead and MAKE it a great time. So here's a five do's and don'ts to help you out.

1. DO try on lots of different kinds of rings.
I was set on getting a single circle stone on a small band, but once I tried it on I realized I didn't love the way it looked on me. I was glad I found that out before the proposal.

2. DO know your budget. 
I remember it seemed a little awkward asking my then boyfriend what the budget was. Ultimately we decided on a budget together and it was nice to know while looking at rings so I could get an idea of what we could and couldn't afford. Neither of us wanted to go into debt over a ring, however that is a personal decision, just make sure you make it together.

3. DON'T try on rings out of your budget.
It will get too tempting and you'll want to overspend!

4. DO decide beforehand if you want to know what the ring looks like or if you want it to be a surprise.
Colten wanted it to be a surprise, I was a little too worried to let it be. So we compromised. He sent pictures of the ring he chose to my family and girlfriends to see if they approved. They did. And when he proposed with it, I was surprised, and it was perfect.

5. DON'T skip out on ring insurance.
It's worth it! I love the comfort of being able to wear my ring almost everywhere without worrying about it. If I lose a diamond, it's covered. Get a scratch? It's covered. It's so nice to ease my mind whenever I worry about it.

Are you looking for your own wedding set? Or already have your own? I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this topic!

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Alia said...

Hey! I am not engaged yet but my parents have told me the best way to to ring shopping is first find a style you like as the first step. Of course where you buy is a personal choice however jewelry stores are often way overpriced for what you actually get so what they did is went to the diamond exchange. You have to know what you are doing as it involves a lot of Insight on the type of stone and price but here you basically build you dream ring for a better price and for a better value. That is what I plan to do when I am engaged! :) where did you get your gorgeous ring from?? :)

Amanda said...

Good post! My boyfriend asked me to go look at rings next week when I visit him(cue butterflies and freak out mode!) and I honestly have no idea how to look for a ring. Haha! I didn't even know you could get insurance for a ring!

Leah Bentley said...

Haha, I basically broke all of these rules! My fiance ordered the ring online and I didn't even see it until he proposed. Fortunately, it was perfect!! It easily could have ended in disaster though, we just got lucky. These are great things to keep in mind.

Cute blog! Looking forward to reading more!

(btw, your blog won't let me comment with a wordpress account, but I'm Leah from theordinarysnowflake.com)