love story part twenty two: the wedding dinner

Our wedding dinner was at The Lion House in Salt Lake City. After we finished up our individual pictures, we made the short walk to The Lion House for the most delicious dinner.

Look at that smile. He melts my heart. We were walking on cloud nine. Entering the room to applause and cheering was an incredible feeling, but I couldn't help but wish everyone would avert their eyes, I get nervous when I'm the center of attention!

Soon after we sat, those chairs around us were filled with our parents. Our greatest support system in our marriage.

The table settings were pink, yellow, and gray, our wedding colors. Blush pink, my favorite color!

Our wedding cake was made by a family member on Colten's side and it was beautiful. Simple, and sophisticated. Love birds, perfect for the occasion.

The dinner was delicious and I tried hard to not overeat, but to eat enough to keep me full through the reception, since I knew I wouldn't have the chance to eat anytime soon. After the reception we took more family pictures and then hustled back up to our reception, which we were late for. Oops!

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Life with Amberly said...

I think it's perfectly acceptable to be late for your own reception ;)

Hanna Lei said...

I know exactly what you mean about being nervous as the center of attention. -Hanna Lei

Stories of Kel said...

pretty cake! sometimes I wish I would have done a wedding dinner and all the fancy stuff but then I think of all the money I saved. But then I think of all the missed memories. I guess all that matters now is we are married and happy right?!

Oh and the Lion House is amazing . YUM

Amanda said...

I LOVE your wedding colors!