Date Night Essentials: Be An UnderWarrior

It's no secret around here that date night is my favorite night of the week. It's the one night a week that I know no other obligation such as homework, friends, family, work, etc, will get in the way of quality time with my husband. And because my love language is quality time all the way, I need that time with him. 

However, as we all know, life gets in the way sometimes. It can be difficult to fully enjoy date night when there's a million things on your mind. So I'm sharing my date night essentials to a fun, flirty, and leak-free date night. 

1. Airplane Mode 
I love to turn my phone on airplane mode on date night. Sometimes I'll leave it at home, but I do like to have it with me at all times. Turning it on airplane mode makes it easy to focus on my husband because I don't have incoming calls, tweets, texts and emails distracting me from being with him. 

2. Perfume 
My husband LOVES when I wear any type of body spray or perfume. I don't usually wear it every day, but I try to be more intentional about it when it's date night. 

3. U by Kotex with 3D Capture Core 
Yup, I went there. No one likes to be on their period for date night, but alas, mother nature wins out sometimes. U by Kotex pads with 3D Capture Core take the worry away! You don't have to worry about leaking because the technology quickly draws in and locks away liquid. With super soft sides and no scent, these pads will keep you comfortable through long walks on the beach & late night Netflix cuddle sessions. 

4. A cute outfit
I prefer skirts to pants, which is really to my benefit because my husband loves how girly I look in skirts and dresses. I try to choose those over leggings, at least for date night ;) I love to dress up for him!

Date night is always my favorite night of week. So if you try to contact me on Thursdays, you probably won't hear back that night. ;) 

If you're worried about your period getting in the way of a great date night (like Valentines Day, which just past, but still...) you can request a FREE sample of U by Kotex with 3D Capture core by going here.  Or just learn more about their awesome products here. 

Today's post was sponsored by U by Kotex & they will save your undies! And save your date night from utter destructions! (Well, maybe that's dramatic. But that's just how I roll)

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