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I've heard a lot of people say, "Theme park food is just so gross." And while that may be true at other theme parks, Disneyland definitely does not fall under that category!

I find that in my few days at Disneyland, I never get to try everything that I want to. There are so many yummy choices there and not enough time (or stomach room) to try them all. This past trip I tried to take a few pictures along the way to show you what kind of food options are at Disneyland.

Our first evening there we ate in Downtown Disney at Tortilla Joe's. The food was great, the service was just okay.

During our first day in the parks we needed a churro break. (many more of these would happen during our 3 days at Disneyland)

For lunch we had Corn Dog Castle. I CRAVE these corn dogs so bad when I am away from Disneyland, and the Diet Coke tasted better at Disneyland too, must be magical or something.

We tried the Ghirardelli Ice Cream Shoppe as well and it did not disappoint. I got an amazing Candy Bar Shake with a caramel Ghirardelli chocolate bar mixed in and it was amazing!!

Flo's V8 Cafe has great portion sizes and is fairly inexpensive. The food is delicious too.

One of my favorite Disneyland treats that I MUST get each time we go is Ramone's Pear of Dice soda from the Cozy Cones in Cars Land. It's a pear flavored soda, really unique, really yummy.

Colten tried the Chicken Chili Con Queso. It was so so. The mac & cheese one looked amazing though and I've heard great things about it.

I finally tried an Olaf Marshmallow skewer which I had been dying to try ever since I saw them on Pinterest. It's marshmallows dipped in caramel dipped in white chocolate. It was so sweet even I couldn't finish it and I have the biggest sweet tooth!

On our last day we skipped the continental hotel breakfast for park food. We went to River Belle Terrace and I got the most delicious Cinnamon Roll French Toast, Colten got a Cinnamon Roll which was almost as good as mine ;)

My last treat of the trip was a dark chocolate covered pineapple skewer. Holy crap. It was amazing.

This list doesn't even begin to cover all the different types of food are offered along with all the millions of amazing treat. I mean, I didn't even get a Mickey ice cream bar or a Dole Whip this time!! I guess that just means I have to go back right?

Do you have a favorite Disneyland treat? Share with me in the comments below!

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Tayler Morrell said...

Have you ever eaten in the Blue Bayou in the POTC ride? I did once, it was SUPER expensive, but it was DELICIOUS!