My Sister's Closet Boot Cuffs + Favorite Things Giveaway!

One of my favorite things about fall/winter is fashion. I love layering clothes so they look comfy, cozy and warm. I've wondered for so long how girls wear huge fluffy socks under their boots/booties without buying a size larger in shoes. Now I know how!

My Sister's Closet Boutique asked if they could send me a pair of boot cuffs to try out and of course I said yes! I love trying out new fashion trends to see how they fit in with my own fashion style. I showed my husband the boot cuffs and asked him what he thought and he said they looked good, then I showed him that they are just cuffs and not actual socks and he was surprised, they look really good. I even folded mine over because I thought it looked better that way with my style of boots.

Today is an exciting Monday too, because I've teamed up with some of my blogging friends and we are each giving away a gift set of our own favorite things. Make sure to visit each of our blogs to enter to win! Each blogger has their own giveaway hosted so entering on my blog does not enter you to win their prize packs, only the one which I'm describing below.

I'm giving away a prize pack worth just over $50!


Grey Addilyn Boot Cuffs from My Sister's Closet Boot Cuffs (valued at $6)

These will be a great addition to your closet. They make it so easy to have a layered look without having your feet smashed inside your boots. Plus they add a little extra warmth!

Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector (valued at $30)

My hair has been so healthy ever since I added regular Olaplex treatments into my hair routine. One day I will write an entire post about it so you can hear my whole opinion on it but for now click HERE to read an article about it.

Olaplex is not a hair conditioner! It is SCIENCE. When you get damaged hair from lightening, coloring, or heat styling your hair the disulfide bonds are unlinked. The active Olaplex ingredient re-links those bonds. It is patented and it is amazing.

Olaplex No. 3 is to be used like this. Shampoo hair. Apply Olaplex No. 3 generously to wet hair. Leave for 10+ minutes (really the longer the better). Shampoo out! (If you don't your hair will feel gross). Condition as normal.

You will LOVE Olaplex. Ask for Olaplex to be added to any hair service at your local salon & let me know if you have any questions. & please for heavens sakes do NOT buy Olaplex on Amazon. Buy only from licensed professionals.

Disney's The Princess & the Frog DVD (valued at $15)

How could I not include one of my favorite Disney movies ?! The Princess & the Frog holds a special place in my heart. If you already own it, you can give it away for Christmas ;)

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Rachel Lloyd said...

Those boot cuffs look so cute!

Kels said...

I would love those boot cuffs!

Birdie Bee said...

My granddaughter would like the Elsa Itty Bitty Ornament..

Birdie Bee said...

I would love to try the hair perfector.

Kara Simpson said...

I don't have that movie but it's one of my favorites too!!

Birdie Bee said...

I would love the Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector.

Riley Jo Blog said...

Mark really wants all those cute star wars little puffy things!