Beauty Empties December 2015

As a licensed cosmetologist, I am always on the look out for the latest and greatest hair products. As a girl, I'm always trying to figure out how to make my hair look awesome every single day. I've loved reading many other bloggers "beauty empties" posts and seeing what they thought about a product after using it up. So over the past month or so I started saving my own beauty products that I've finished so I can review them here. 

+ Paul Mitchell Marula Oil Intensive Masque

I went to a Paul Mitchell school for cosmetology which really gave me a chance to try out lots of their products. Some of them I LOVE and have never been able to find a product that tops it (think-Super Skinny Serum!). So when I saw Paul Mitchell was coming out with a new line I was ecstatic. I went and purchased the masque as soon as I could. 

To be honest? I really really really hated it. The first time I washed my hair I used too much so I had to wash again. I've tried using a tiny amount just on my ends, and I've tried using it all over like a nice deep conditioner. I've tried it on friends and none of us love it! I can't figure out why. It doesn't seem to moisturize enough yet it stays STUCK in your hair for forever. I'm still curious about the shampoo though, so one day I may purchase that to try.

+ Pureology Fresh Approach Dry Shampoo

Pureology is a brand I've come across in the last year. I've loved every single product of theirs I tried. I'm on a hunt for the perfect dry shampoo so despite it's poor reviews I gave it a try. Sadly I also give it a poor review. It did not seem to do a thing for me. I'm not a fan of the scent (it smells like old lady to me) and it didn't seem to do much in the ways of dry shampoo. I'd usually use it and then use another dry shampoo along with it. (Currently loving LUSH Dry Shampoo!)

+ Pureology Perfect 4 Platinum Reconstruct Repair Masque

LOVE LOVE LOVE. This deep conditioner is amazing. I was so sad when I ran out. I'm dying to try the other Perfect 4 Platinum products but I have so many to use up first! This deep conditioner is perfect for highly lifted or damaged hair. It is chock full of keratin to equalize porosity, which also means I recommend not using it every time because you can get to much keratin in your hair! They say it is weightless and I can testify to that. It feels thick in the shower but rinses out well and does not leave a film after rinsing out. It leaves my hair shiny and so soft. I'd buy again.

+ Sexy Hair Smooth Encounter

I'm a coconut oil fan all the way. So I figured smooth sexy hair would be a good brand to use inbetween all my repairing treatments to give my hair a break. However, I find this product to be very sticky. It does make my hair look good, but it also makes it so I can't run my fingers through it. I used about half the bottom trying more and less product each time in different ways and never liked it. I am not finishing the bottle.

Now for some makeup products:

+Jane Iredale Purepressed Base Mineral Foundation

I'll be honest, Jane Iredale is a pricey purchase. Their products are SO good for your skin, but they do cost a pretty penny. However, I LOVE and would totally recommend the Purepressed base mineral foundation. It alone does wonders for covering acne and dark spots. I love layering it over another foundation for additional coverage. 

Jane Iredale products feel like, and the more I use them, the better my skin gets. I was so sad when I ran out of this one. I'm keeping the case as they do offer refills at a discount and may one day splurge on myself again.

+ CoverGirl SuperSizer Mascara

As far as drugstore mascaras go, I will probably repurchase in the future. I hadn't use a drug store mascara in probably over a year, and I was pleasantly surprised. It seemed to dry out faster than my name brand mascaras, but I really did like the way it made my lashes look. I had at least 4 people ask if I had false eyelashes on. So I'd say it makes a pretty big impact!

+ Smashbox Full Exposure

To date, in 22 years of life, this is my favorite mascara! It's one of the only ones I didn't feel like I had to layer to get the right effect. It made a dramatic statement, and really made my lashes pop! Volume and length, will definitely repurchase!

+ Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals 

I fell in love with Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals in hair school. We solely used Jane Iredale for makeup and I loved that it is a light soft coverage. I'm not usually one for full coverage, so I tend to like tinted moisturizers. This falls somewhere between a tinted moisturizer and a foundation. If you're looking for full coverage this is not for you! If you're looking for light coverage that makes your skin look and feel great, I can't recommend anything more. 

Do you have any hair or makeup products you're obsessed with lately? Have you tried any of the above products?

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Anonymous said...

I used to absolutely love the Jane Iredale Pressed Powder Foundation! I'm on a liquid foundation kick right now and love my Mirabella full coverage one :)

Breakfast at Lillys said...

I've never tried any of these products before and might have to! Thanks for the recommendations.

xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys