Everyday MOMents: Book Review

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When I first was presented with the opportunity to review the book "Everyday MOMents: Discovering Christ in the Details of Motherhood" by Jessica Poe I was wary. I'm not a mother yet so I wondered if this book would have any value to me. I decided to give it a shot, I figured if nothing else I could pass along to my own mother or another mother in my life who could use some inspiration. As it turns out, I feel like this book was written specifically for me.

Jessica Poe is an everyday, ordinary mother doing her tasks in an extraordinary way. This book focuses on her decision to look for heavenly and spiritual "stories" in her every day tasks. From doing dishes, to weeding her garden she found Christ in the details because she ASKED Heavenly Father for spiritual eyes to see.

I don't want to ruin the book, but I do want to share a few things that touched me.

+ At one point, Jessica Poe states that she finds that she feels trapped in a "surround-sound lifestyle". Quoting Richard G. Scott, "Have you noticed how Satan works to capture the mind and emotions with flashing images, blaring music, and the stimulation of every physical sense to excess? He diligently strives to fill life with action, entertainment, and stimulation so that one cannot ponder the consequences of his tempting invitations."

I too, find myself living in a "surround-sound lifestyle". Jessica's suggestions gave me hope and courage to make changes so I can be STILL more often.

+ She speaks of how her children play pretend. They often choose to play school, home, go to the grocery store, etc. all in the name of "play". She loves how this type of playing pretend is practice for their futures as productive adults in society.

This is like when we go to the temple. She says, "Though there are different settings and ordinances available to participate in, all prepare us to stand in the presence of God- a future as real and faraway-feeling to us as adulthood is to a child... our real temple attendance qualify as beneficial and enjoyable preparation for the future." What a beautiful comparison.

+ I also love how she encourages us to keep a journal of the experiences we have that we can see Christ in. When are those moments when you feel his influence? Write them down. Keep a notebook handy to write down the experiences you are having that are touching your heart and strengthening your testimony.

With Mother's Day coming up, I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone looking for a Mother's Day gift! It is an easy read that can be read quickly, or slowly and still be thoroughly enjoyed. Jessica Poe will have you cheering for motherhood and the incredible influence that a righteous woman, who stays close to the Spirit can have on those around her.

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