I'll be completely honest. For New Beginnings this year... we scrambled. We had just called a new secretary, the president's mother was very ill, my life became a living stress basket and we threw this together in less than a week! One of our YW suggested the theme from a pin she had found on Pinterest.

Thank heavens for Pinterest and for The Dearth Duo sharing a wonderful post idea about their Wizard of Oz New Beginnings them! THANK YOU! 

To get all the ideas and all the printables make sure to check out her site.

We have a combined YW class presidency instead of one for each class because our numbers are so small, so we had each YW In the class presidency speak for a few minutes. One of them sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and played it on her guitar. She learned it in 3 days! We were blown away by her talent. 

We also had a craft for the YW while the leaders and parents mingled. We used this activity to notify parents of important dates and a brief overview of Personal Progress. Look how amazing it all turned out? Our brand new secretary KILLED it on the decor. I brought the bread, butter and jam. Woo! Go me!

The girls painted the temples white and added glitter. They turned out beautiful! I was jealous and wanted one for myself ;) I'm always amazed by the women in the church. It seems like everyone's talents really pull together to make amazing events like this happen. I'm so grateful to be surrounded by so many talented women and young women. It is truly a dream to minister to the young women in our ward!