Me + Capsule Wardrobe

I came across the idea of a Capsule Wardrobe over a year ago while scrolling mindlessly on Pinterest. I was fascinated by it and it really resonated with me. I started sifting through my closet and created my own capsule wardrobe. 

My capsule lasted about 130 days and then I gave up. I started buying more clothes again, buying more and more and more and using purchases to bring me happiness. When you're buying something it always feels like it's going to change your life right? Like that dress would literally change everything? 

I do believe that clothes can bring us a lot of joy, let us express ourselves creatively, and give us confidence. However, I'm tired of once again relying on that "CONFIRM PURCHASE" button and USPS tracking codes to bring me joy. 

So... back into the capsule ya'll. 

I'm working on putting a summery capsule wardrobe together. I'm trying to decide how long to commit to the capsule. My husband just took a pay cut at work for a position he really wanted so we are TIGHT on money for awhile. I need to say goodbye to emotional shopping sprees and hello to more time with those I love. I want to spend my money and time on more important things. Don't we all?

So shoot me your best tips on Capsule Wardrobes and how to spend less money on clothes! I really like buying stuff that is going to last, but sometimes a $10 tee just makes my heart pitter patter. I'm hoping to not buy anything additional to what is in my closet right now. It's tempting to spend money to start a capsule, but if anything, I might just buy some second hand stuff. That's pretty Capsule isn't it? That should totally be a saying. 

That's SO Capsule! 

Pressing onward. Capsule Wardrobe 2.0 here I come. 

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A GAL NEEDS said...

I've really been whittling down my wardrobe lately. It's amazing how much stuff I had and still have (cause I'm not done) that is simply taking up space. I don't know that my wardrobe will ever truly be "capsule" but I am definitely inspired by the idea! I like your idea of second hand shopping. Just be super picky! There is awesome stuff to be found!