Disney Movie Club - Play or Pass?

At the end of last year, we ordered a picture frame from Disney.com to frame our favorite picture from our Disneyland trip. When the package came, it had a flyer in it for the Disney Movie Club. I've seen ads for it here and there and decided I should look into it. I mean, it's surprising I wasn't already a member right??

I'm going to lay it all out for you guys here. I legitimately think the DMC (Disney Movie Club) is worth it! I highly highly recommend doing your research and reading all the fine print before signing up, but here's the full story. You've probably seen banners like this floating around...

I realized there wasn't a ton of information out there about it. I knew it was a "Subscription Service" of sorts, where they keep your credit card on file to charge it every month unless you PASS. Those always make me nervous but I dug for info. I learned that once you make your initial purchase of 5 movies for a dollar you have to purchase 4 more movies at FULL PRICE to fulfill your "Commitment Status". You have 2 years to purchase those movies.


Our first order we took advantage of a 5 movies for $1.00 deal that we had got in the mail. You can get that same deal by clicking HERE

Brave- $0.20

Wreck It Ralph- $0.20

Finding Nemo- $0.20

Monsters Inc- $0.20

Monsters University- $0.20

After the initial 5 it gave us the opportunity to add a 6th movie for $7.95

Jungle Book- $7.95

It also gave us the opportunity to add a 7th movie for $12.95 and this one would count towards our commitment status.

Wall-E- $12.95

We were now at 1/4 on our commitment status.

7 Disney movies for $21.90 was a steal! And we only needed 3 more to reach our commitment status. Two months later we decided to just finish off our contract in one quick swing so we wouldn't have to worry about it anymore. Each month they do a movie offer- this is the "subscription service" portion of the DMC. We decided to purchase the movie of the month, Avengers: Age of Ultron. When we went to purchase it it offered to add Big Hero 6 for only $11.00 and if we did they would throw in free shipping!


Cinderella- $21.95

Big Hero 6- $11.00

Avengers: Ultron- $21.95

Ant Man- $21.95

Our total for both orders equaled out to be $98.75 for 11 movies or $8.90/movie. Pretty rockin' deal considering most of the movies we purchased were still at $20 retail value or higher. Disney movies hold their value like crazy.

Once you've fulfilled your commitment status, you hit VIP status and get lots of additional opportunities for savings and perks. My husband and I have stayed signed up because we do plan on purchasing additional Disney movies in the future.

Each month (Or about every 4 weeks/up to 13 times per year) Disney has a "Movie of the Month" that they offer to you. You can Accept or Decline the offer in 2 ways. They send an email and you can go to your account and decline, or they also send you an envelope in the mail with the opportunity to mail it back to accept or decline. The bad thing is- if you don't decline they will charge your card and ship you the movie. It is SO EASY to decline the movie. We have declined every month except the one where we finished off our contract.

Let me know if you have questions I didn't answer so I can continually update this post for ya.

Make sure to CLICK HERE to get the discount and get 5 movies for $1 . If you use my link you'll get 5 movies for $1 instead of 4 + I'll get 2 free movies. So thanks for supporting my Disney movie obsession ;) Let me know which ones you choose

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