2016 Worldwide Indexing Event - Join Me!

In junior high/high school I was really into Indexing. Every Sunday I'd log on to the internet (Insert wee oohh weee ooohh noises here), download a batch, log off the internet, complete the batch, log back on (wee oohhh wee ohh) and upload them to FamilySearch. I LOVED it. It was easy and pretty fun, and any type of service just makes you feel good inside. 

That's why FamilySearch decided to try and break a record this year! From July 15-17th, FamilySearch International is sponsoring their 3rd annual "Worldwide Indexing Event" to try to bring 72,000 indexers in 72 hours online to index the world's records and make them available online. 

That's what Indexing is. So my Marriage License/Record would be filed somewhere in Salt Lake since that is where I was married. Say this was 1890 and there wasn't a computer to store the file on, they kept PAPER records of every marriage. Now, FamilySearch has photos of the paper records, and WE are looking at them, reading the information and typing it out so it is in a searchable document so others can find their ancestors. SO COOL. Other types of records are available too, like birth and death certificates, draft records, Census documents, etc. 

If you'd like to join me, click HERE and enter your email to receive some reminders about the event. Invite your friends over, grab some Swig sugar cookies and make it a night to remember by Indexing an entire batch, which usually takes less than a hour. It's the easiest way to assist in Family History work, and also one of the funnest ways.

Let me know if you're going to join, and we can meet up and do it together! Let's break some records!

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