How We Wore It - July

It's 10:50 pm and I'm finally sitting down to write this blog post. My life has been such a hot mess lately that I can't even believe it. I mean, it's a good hot mess, but a mess all the same. One thing I love about waking up each day is choosing my outfit. I'm not even sure I have a "style" these days. Some days I'm on-trend, some days I wear yoga pants & a tee, and some weeks I wear the same 3 chambray shirts in rotation. I love these How We Wore It challenges put on by Deidre to push me to do a little more thinking about my outfit. You can pop over to her blog if you think you'd like to participate!

This month our photo inspiration came from Looks for Lovelies. Workout gear inspired.

I realized however, that I don't have a lot of cute workout clothes! I have some cute leggings, but not really any tops. I ended up going with a light shirt and black leggings like she did. But instead of working out, I celebrated the 4th of July in my outfit! 

Hence the sunburn and the last minute poor lighting photos. Because this weekend was about relaxing with no makeup and reading my library books, and blog photos just weren't the top priority. I've been really trying to focus more on living in the moment, which makes for great memories, but sometimes crappy photos ;) 

Leggings: Target
Sandals: Payless
Top: Shop Stevie

Deidre from Deidre Emme
Ruth from My Little Nest
Jenn from What You Make I
Kiana from Glitter & Donuts
Alyssa from Pinsent Life
Sierra from Sierra's View
Madeline from CaseyLand
Riley from Riley Jo Blog
Samantha from The Samantha Show
Beverly from What a Day
Brooklyn from Brooklyn Jolley
Amber from Amber Nicole blogs
Erica from Good Job Momma
Shelbie from 365 With RyGuy and I
Kelsi from Lovestrong
Justine from Little Dove
Chelsea from Tessa Marie
Monica from It's All About

Remember to head over to Deidre's blog to sign up to participate next month!

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Ruth Maldonado said...

I love leggings and how easy they are to wear for everyday AND workout!

Riley Justesen said...

I love that top! So flirty and cute.

Madeline said...

That shirt is so cute on you! I would totally wear the outfit you picked. Looks like you had a good fourth of july! :)

Justine Y @ Little Dove said...

I celebrated the fourth in my workout too! High five. :) Hey, everyday adulting is often a workout all in itself.

Monica Packer said...

That's a super cute peplum top!

Kiana Probst said...

I love your take on the inspiration. And your peplum! I am seriously obsessed with peplums right now!

Erica Jenkins said...

I love this top!! Good for you to focus on living in the moment!! Such a lovely & simple outfit!

Tessa Marie said...

I love your look! That top is so cute, I have been lusting over it! I love Stevie Henderson!

Sierra Charlesworth said...

I love this outfit!! That top is so cute!!!! Love it, darling. So fun to collaborate with you on this month's HWWI :)

Tayler Morrell said...

Hahaha. I don't dress up to work out at all! I'm there to sweat, not to look cute!