Home Salon Gallery Wall- featuring Deseret Book

Ever since opening my home salon in April, I've been trying to figure out what to put on the walls. I don't really have an eye for decoration, so as much as I want my home to look like a catalog... it just hasn't happened. But I wanted my salon to be a little different. I wanted it to look nice and professional, but I wasn't sure how to figure out what to put where. 

I was so excited to see that Deseret Book had added some Art Gallery Wall Pads to their inventory. The pads contain around 20 prints of all different sizes. I got the Life Is Beautiful Art Gallery Pad and it had 6 gold foil prints and 2 silver foil prints! They are so beautiful!

There were so many  beautiful prints it took me quite awhile to narrow it down to my favorites. I'm still hanging on to the prints I didn't use because I want to use them around my house in other areas. 

Aren't they gorgeous?? And just look at those gold foil ones below! These type of prints are easily worth $10-$20 a piece, but the whole set was only $14.99!! You get SO MANY PRINTS.

Once I narrowed it down I framed the ones I really loved and then started playing with the placement. I re-laid the prints out so many times!

I ended up with the layout below for my salon! I had my husband hang them up and they look amazing. Even though my indecisiveness made it take forever for me to choose which prints to use, the Gallery Art Pad made it so easy because all of the prints had a flow to them or a similar theme I guess you could say. I love how it turned out and I get so many compliments from my clients that they love how the wall turned out. 

Deseret Book has so many options for Gallery Art Pads. And at only $14.99 each they are a steal! Frames are not included but that just means you get to pick which frames fit your taste best. Here are all the options:

-Life is Beautiful (which I have)
-Love Collection (the next one I want!)

Thanks to Deseret Book for sponsoring this post! I was sent the Art Gallery Pad & Frames in exchange for a review of the product. As always, I only share products I love and use!

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ms.composure said...

This is a GREAT idea!
I was looking to do something similar!
I found some great rustic barn wood frames at a garage sell but just needed some things to put in the frame.
Thanks for sharing!


Tayler Morrell said...

How were you able to work with Deseret Book?!?!??! I'd LOOOOOOVE to do that! I buy so many books there!