Lipsense Review (From a Non-Distributor!)

Raise your hand if you've seen Lipsense rolling around your Facebook feed. Okay, basically everyone. 

I was the same way! I had so many friends who were selling it that it kinda fell into the endless pit of Facebook noise. But the more I saw the more curious I got. Was this lipstick REALLY staying on all day? Like... really? I was hesitant to spend $55 on lipstick. When my friend from school messaged me and asked if I'd like to review it I was like, "YES!" 

And now I'm obsessed. Like, contemplating my next 10 colors I want! 

My husband hates lipstick. But the only reason is because he doesn't want to kiss me and get makeup smeared across his face. I made him kiss me while wearing Lipsense and voila! No transfer! We kissed a little more just to test it out ;) It works you guys! It literally stayed on through a campfire where I ate a hot dog, chips and 2 smores. I went inside to check my makeup and the lipstick looked FLAWLESS. I was sure it was flaking all over or smeared, but it wasn't. 

One thing I've heard people saying is, "I hear it burns when you put it on! Why would I wear that??" Ya know, when you use a menthol lipgloss and it tingles? That's what it feels like. Lipsense is actually good for your lips. It takes a few times of wearing to get used to it, but after that it doesn't tingle anymore and your lips start to get healthier. 

I'm an annoying customer. I worried about picking the right color for me and Jess was so helpful! She asked me all the right questions, took into account my low-maintenance makeup routine and suggested Aussie Rose and you guys! It is perfection!

So, I'm pretty sure my next purchases will be the Matte Gloss, First Love, Burnt Orange for fall and Beige Champagne. But there are seriously so many I want! Go check out Jess's VIP Facebook group for all the colors and her current deals! You will not regret it!

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