A Life Update - Nov 2016

Well, we have officially moved. I can't even remember if I wrote on here about selling our house, but we sold our home in Magna and moved to Ogden, Utah two weeks ago. We've got just about everything unpacked and set up and it's starting to feel like home. I really like the area we live in and I'm especially grateful to live so much closer to my family. 

Since moving, my husband has gone fully remote for his job. He works from home all week 40 hours a week. He recently graduated with his Bachelor's in Accounting as well which I am SO proud of! He is such a hard worker. 

I had to quit my job as the Reading Intervention Coordinator which was really sad. I obviously had an emotional connection to that place because I keep having dreams about it. I really loved that job and it was so hard to leave. It was also hard to leave my home salon. I had really started building a clientele and getting things going and loved taking appointments there. 

So here's what I'm up to now. Right now I'm doing the social media marketing for an accounting and payroll company about 5 hours a week. I really enjoy doing that remotely and trying to help build that company. I also plan on putting another home salon in our new home but it may be a little while before we get things up and running again. Because I plan to do hair again in my home I also became a Market Partner with Monat Global! I've stayed pretty busy trying to get that business off the ground but I've loved trying all the products and learning about the ingredients and what makes Monat so unique and amazing. 

We still aren't pregnant. Which gets harder and harder every month, but we are getting started on becoming licensed for Foster Care again which is so exciting! We've been emailing with the ones in charge and will hopefully be starting classes soon. 

I think that about covers it! I'm so excited for the holiday season and also for 2017! Odd years are kinda my favorite and I'm excited to dig into the goals I have for 2017. Happy almost Thanksgiving!

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