More Good Hair Days! - My New Favorite Hair Care Line

About a year ago I read a blog post over at Because of Jackie. I was intrigued by her love of this magical shampoo & so of course I entered the giveaway. I mean, who doesn't want free magical shampoo am I right? 

Spoiler alert. I didn't win. In fact, the whole thing kinda fell by the wayside. 

I recently came across this hair care company again and started becoming obsessed. So when I saw that Meaghan was offering free samples I commented that I wanted to try! She mailed me out some samples to try, but before they even got to my house I was so excited about the results people were getting that I signed up as a VIP so I could get 15% off the products. 

After trying the products I knew I had never used anything this good. And as a hairstylist, that is saying a lot! I have brands I love, but none have done to my hair what Monat has done in such a small amount of time. That's my new favorite hair care line... Monat!

Monat stands for Modern Nature. The products are naturally-based, vegan and cruelty free and made here in the good old U.S.A.! The products were clinically tested and showed amazing results. 

After trying out the products and getting the following result...

I could not wait to sign up as a Market Partner! I am so ecstatic about these products!!! This company is amazing you guys. Can you feel my enthusiasm?! I went from someone who despised (that really might not be too strong of a word to use here) MLMs to someone who was joining and jumping in with both feet. Because the products work! They transformed my hair and I can't even imagine what my hair will be like after a few months of using the products!

Having good or bad hair can make or break my self esteem! Call me vain but that's the truth. The fact that Monat is giving me SUCH good hair days (like every day!) and that I'm on day 3 hair and it's still not greasy and gross is a miracle!! 

These products will strip away the product build up on your hair so your hair can feel soft. It will feel like buttah! They are SO concentrated that you barely need any product, a little truly goes a long way.  So if you are sick of your hair... let's chat!

 In fact... I'm giving away <THREE> sets of samples to people who comment on this post with their email address and their biggest hair concern. Let's start a conversation about your hair. (Winners must have valid US mailing address)

You don't need to waste your money on hair product that doesn't work!! There is a no-risk 30 day money back guarantee through Monat (but I guarantee you won't need it!) There are 3 ways to try Monat...

1 // Buy retail

If I have something in stock I can mail it to you directly or you can go to and purchase. 

2 // Sign up as a VIP 

Sign up for $19.99 and get 15% off of products forever + free shipping! Then just recieve two more shipments over the next 4 months (30-60 days apart) and then the perks are yours forever! Plus, each VIP shipment comes with a special #JustForYou gift! This months was a makeup bag, and a couple of samples! 

3 // Join Me!

I know you may have a bad taste in your mouth about Network Marketing, so did I. But I promise this can be fun and non-pressure. You don't have to be a salesperson, just a person willing to work and share a product that changes lives. If you think you're interested in this, please shoot me an email titled MONAT OPPORTUNITY and I'll respond asap so we can chat about that option as well. You'll get an additional deeper discount, free shipping and many more perks! I want this to be fun, but I need fun girlfriends to join me for this to be fun! 

And if you join my team in November/December I have some amazing gifts to welcome you to my team! So send me an email at and let's talk hair. (and my first Market Partner to join has a very special box waiting for them that I plan to send!!!!)

I wouldn't be selling this product if I didn't truly believe in it. If I hadn't seen my before & after I wouldn't have believed in myself. Let's chat about your hair. As a hairstylist I 100% stand behind these products and am so excited to see the way they change our hair! 

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Ellen said...

My problem is fine, flat hair aka no volume

Emily Mecham said...

Excited for you!! I want my hair to not feel as greasy after two days and be super smooth.
My email is emilythibodeau (@) gmail

Because of Jackie said...

Yessssss! Monat is defintely life changing, that is no joke! So happy you contacted me to try it, I know I was reluctant the first time I recieved it because I thought there was NO WAY it could surpass the stuff I was using (and thought I loved.) WRONG. Monat is just amazing and I'm thrilled you love it, too!

Sharlee said...

My biggest hair concern is that it's flat and didn't have volume. I also have to wash daily because my thin hair gets GREASY. If there's still a chance to win, my email address is

MaRanda Kerkman said...

VOLUME, VOLUME, VOLUME! Haha I want my hair to have some volume, everything I have tried for volume just makes my hair feel even more flat than it already is. My email is

MaRanda Kerkman said...

VOLUME, VOLUME, VOLUME! I want my hair to have some volume and to look silky smooth! Everything I try never works. I would love to try this to see if it helps my hair! My email is

Eryka said...

My oily roots and it gets so heavy build up from products. You know I'm all about hair products ;)

Shambray said...

My hair lacks shine on the ends and it is greasy at the roots! AHHH!!!

Janet said...

My biggest hair concern is dry hair and frizziness. I'd love to try this product!

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Victoria Meyers said...

Ok my hair has been AWFUL since i got pregnant with benny (two years ago!) and is SO thin and breaky and awful! Id love to give monat a try!

Kira Burton said...

I have naturally wavy hair and i always feel like it isn't getting enough moisture! I would love the try this!