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I am a product junkie. I really enjoy trying the latest and greatest beauty products and am always on the lookout for that HOLY GRAIL product that is going to change my life. I haven't found very many products that I'm willing to repurchase because I loved them so much, but I figured I'd share a few I love! 

This is a new brand I discovered while at Disneyland last week. I bought every single face mask they had because I am obsessed with face masks! I really love them all so far, but I think the Dead Sea Mud Mask is my favorite. The powdered face masks are super cool because it gives recommendations on what to mix them with based on your skin type. Dry (olive oil, cream). Oily (witch hazel, tomato juice). Normal (milk). Or you can always use water! 

I got a few other products from them as well including a Coconut Mango body spread, Handy-tizer (which smells AMAZING!), and a peppermint roll on essential oil for my purse (because headaches). I seriously love all of their stuff! Most of their items are 98%+ natural so I can totally get behind that as well. 

Jane Iredale Tantasia (aff)

It's getting to be that time of year where I am sick of being so pale. My husband tells me that all princesses have "fair" skin so I should just leave it but... I'm influenced by worldly standards and like tan skin. Do you know how tempting free tanning is at my local fitness center!? But I don't want skin cancer, so self-tanner it is.

The Jane Iredale Tantasia is amazing! It's my favorite self-tanner I've tried so far. It gives a good color in one use but can also be applied daily-weekly for continued or deepened color.

Dermalogica Products (aff links)

I tried some of the Dermalogica line while in hair school a couple of years ago, I loved it, but I didn't love the price tag. So I didn't really ever purchase it until recently. And I LOVE IT. A little goes a long way so the products last forever! I have been using the Essential Cleansing Solution and Intensive Moisture Balance. They are both great for dry/acne prone skin, which is such a hard combo to get skin care for.

I seriously love all their products like their masks and exfoliators. Great stuff you guys.

Monat Rejuveniqe Oil

I recently joined Monat after falling in love with the products, and here I am now using all of them! I am obsessed with the Rejuveniqe Oil. I am so used to using oils that are full of damaging silicones and waxes and Rejuveniqe is PURE OIL. Like, it's made up of 15 oils from around the world. And that's all. No other ingredients except oils!

It can be used for scalp treatments for psoriasis, dry/itchy scalp and to help regenerate hair growth. It can be used as a facial moisturizer (I love to add it to face masks like the ones above!) and you can use it as a deep conditioning treatment by adding to conditioner in the shower. There are seriously 101 uses for it and it's no wonder I'm obsessed!

What beauty products have you been loving lately?
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