See ya later 2016!

This is our 4th Christmas together, and we have never sent out Christmas Cards. I think it's just not our style, but I figured a nice post to tie up the loose ends of 2016 might be nice. And actually, I typed up a really nice post detailing our entire year, but my computer lost it all. :( So now, you get the Spark Notes version.

Here are a few of our 2016 highlights...

- I left my job at Independence University to work for Entheos Academy, a charter school in Magna

- We went to Moab with some of Colten's family and had a blast at Arches National Park

- We went to Disney on Ice with my family

- We had so much fun camping in Moab that we bought our first trailer together

- We went on many temple trips to various temples

- We went to a Jazz game with my sister and brother in law

- We babysat my nephew overnight in March, he's a cutie

- We bought a truck and sold our Kia Rio

- We took my family to a blogger tubing event at Gorgoza

- We attended our first presidential caucus meeting

- We went camping at Antelope Island with my brother and sister in law

- We went to a blogger event to see "The Abolitionists" and I joined the Rescue Run 5k blogger outreach team which raised over 5K for Operation Underground Railroad

- We went camping again at Ledgefork Campground

- We took a friend trip to my grandparents cabin in Island Park, Idaho

- I went with my Mom and little brothers to Disneyland in July

- I applied for and received a promotion at work and became the Reading Intervention Coordinator, a job I loved

- We celebrated our 3rd anniversary and Colten surprised me with an overnight stay at 5th East Hall in American Fork. We stayed in the Maui room and it was gorgeous

- We visited my father in laws cabin and slept in our trailer

- Together we made the tough decision to sell our Magna home and we moved to Ogden

- In October, Colten graduated with his Bachelor's degree in Accounting

- At the end of October I started a shampoo side gig and started selling the most amazing hair care line I've ever used

- In November, out of the blue my Dad offered Colten a job at his payroll and accounting company which he said yes to and has been loving

- We took a last minute trip to Disneyland at the beginning of December and had a blast

- I secured a spot at a salon and will start working there in January

- We finished our 36 hours of Foster Care classes and we just have a few more steps to licensure

We had a busy year, but lots of good things happened. And we are so excited to see what 2017 holds!

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