"Can I Put On Some Real Clothes Now?"

If you haven't heard Girl In A Country Song yet, push play below and listen. 

Until this song, I'll be honest, I didn't really realize what how this so-called "bro country" was portraying women. Catchy lyrics objectifying women.

Am I going to stop listening to country music? Heck no! It's my jam! Would I love to hear more songs written about girls who have brains? And are ambitious? And worth more than their looks? YES! I really hope this song encourages Nashville song writers to take a step back and say "How can we change the way country music portrays women? How can we help them see that their worth is more than their appearance?"

There's something amazing about women who have a little sass in their step that allows them to stand up for themselves AND other women. I don't think the song is a risky move for them, I think it was the perfect way to get noticed and make a difference.

What do you think about the song?

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Charlene Maugeri said...

I watched the music video the other day and LOVED it! It's so true. I'd noticed how girls are being portrayed lately in country music but I kinda just thought of it as stupid on the songwriters' part and proving that they aren't creative and have nothing better to write. But this video changed the meanings in my mind and hopefully it will change something in the minds of people who can make a difference.

Anonymous said...

I love the song, my sister and I listen to nothing but country, so this was definitely a nice change of pace, but honestly, the music video made me a little angry. "We sing a song about how we don't like being objectified, so we objectify the boys in our video" seems a bit dumb.