love story part twenty four: the honeymoon

The morning after our wedding, we woke up as early as we could (think 8:30-9:00) and headed out! We went to Smith's for some treats and drinks for the trip, and then we headed off to our drive to California.

The poor Aveo we had at the time was SUPER overheating from the long drive in the hot sun, so we pulled off in Vegas and wandered a casino for an hour or so.

We stayed in a resort in Ramona, CA courtesy of Colten's mother and step-dad. Our room was gorgeous and I wish we had more photos of it!

We had decided we wanted to start our marriage out on the right foot and not skip out on going to church. Luckily, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint is EVERYWHERE! So we used, found a church, and showed up. The members were so friendly and excited to hear we were on our honeymoon!

 We had a day of relaxing, sleeping, eating and talking, and then we headed to Disneyland bright and early the next morning.

Here we are waiting for Pirates of the Caribbean, one of my favorites!

For those of you who don't know, you can stop at Guest Services on your way into Disneyland for all sorts of pins! Of course, we stopped in for some "Just Married" pins! And at our first lunch in Disneyland, the waitress gave us our drinks free for our 'wedding present'. It was fun to be a little more pampered simply for wearing our pins!

We went to see World of Color one of our 3 nights there, and it was FREEZING, so I ended up buying the pink jacket below. Cars land also had trophies for "Best Wife" and "Best Husband", so of course we took pictures with those.

Here we are exploring Tarzan's Treehouse!

We split a meal at the Blue Bayou, the restaurant inside of Pirates of the Caribbean. It can be a little pricey, but we wanted the experience! And it was so worth it. We even splured and got yummy drinks with the coolest light up ice cube which we still have in our cupboard at home!

Because both our birthdays were just 2 weeks after our honeymoon (Colten: Aug 31, Me: Sept 1) we got birthday buttons too! And Colten got a first visit pin since he had never been to California Adventures. We were loaded on pins.

Our honeymoon was a blast, we watched plenty of Pawn Stars, drove the 2 hours back and forth to Disneyland for 3 days, and spent the time enjoying our newlywed status. 

The joke during that week was instead of saying YOLO we would say YOHO! (You only honeymoon once)

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