Want to Start Living Healthier?

Isn't that the question of the year? Don't we all want to get a little healthier?

In July I joined a book club that read "The Fit Bottomed Girls Anti-Diet." It was completely online which was perfect for my lifestyle, and I LOVED it. It's pretty much become my health bible.

Carly was the host, and you can learn more about her book clubs here. Everyone in the book was part of a Facebook group where we shared ideas, recipes, quotes and anything else we were learning. Carly posted a reading assignment every day and a daily 10 minute fix (which you learn about in the book).

There will be another group starting in September! It will be a different book, but I KNOW you will love it as well. For more information go to Carly's Facebook page. She also is planning on doing FBG Anti Diet again soon which I PROMISE you won't want to miss.

Being a part of the group gave me the opportunity to ask questions I didn't want to ask anywhere else. It gave me a support system and someone to be accountable to. It also helped me ditch the scale and learn to love myself for the healthy changes I AM making.I loved feeling empowered by the other women in the group. It sounds cheesy, but I seriously felt SO good about myself that entire month, I never wanted July to end.

If you have any questions, email carlymhussey@gmail.com and she can totally help you get started on your new life of healthy living!

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