July Goals //

July is one of my favorite months of the year. I love the summertime, I love the 4th of July (& the 24th which is a Utah holiday!), and I just love the feeling that it brings. 

I've fallen out of routine on a lot of things. It's SO EASY to get complacent in life isn't it? It can be hard to stay motivated and focused on the things that matter most. So this month I'm trying to keep it real simple, just focusing on the things that matter most & not worrying about everything else.

1 // Read from Jesus the Christ every evening. 

I've been reading from this book most nights for about a month now. It's given me so much to ponder about, I love learning about my Savior Jesus Christ. There is so much I don't know about his gospel and this book is helping me get a little more understanding. I find myself pondering on His life & His mission more. I'd definitely recommend it to any Christian. 

2 // Exercise at least 3X a week & do 8 different types of exercise.

I've been trying to do at least a 10 minute workout every couple of days. It's not much, but I feel better when I start my day with yoga, or end with a walk around the block, it's just so hard to make that a priority! I'm writing up my list of 8 different types of exercise and I'll share it here on my blog once I've got it nailed down. I just want to shake things up & keep it interesting.

3 // Put my phone down more to live more in the moment. 

Social media has become a habit. I wake up, I check twitter. I get off work, I eat dinner while I browse Facebook. I take a bath and peruse Pinterest. Stop the social media train I want off! I am trying to limit my social media a little more. I want to be more aware of what is happening. I want to dream big & have good conversation with my husband over dinner. I want to take a bath and indulge in a good book that makes me ponder. I want to work out and catch up on Netflix without feeling like I need to check my Instagram. Truthfully, social media is a real addiction & I'm working on it. I want to be a better example of wise time management. I keep saying I never have time for important things, but I'm sure I would if I put my phone down more. 

Do you have any goals for July? If you've written a blog post about it, share it with me in the comments so I can go read your goals!

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