I recently saw the cover for "Unstuck: How the Savior Frees Us from Our Favorite Sins" by Robert Reynolds and was impressed by the cover. I do love me some white space and simple design, so it really jumped out at me. I looked at reviews on Amazon and they were pretty good! So I ordered it with two day shipping and waited for it to arrive.

As soon as it arrived I put off the other book I was reading (I'm one of those people) and picked up Unstuck. The author is an entertainment lawyer in Las Vegas and also the manager of a few rock bands including The Killers & Imagine Dragons, so I knew it was going to be interesting.

The book focuses on the fact that all of us have at least one sin that for one reason or another we just can't shake. We can't get "unstuck" even though we've worked hard to make permanent changes in our life! I know I relate to this on more than one level and I must say I really enjoyed the book! Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the book: 


"Remember Satan's premortal plan: restrain agency so people have no choice to obey. Satan is still pushing that devious proposal. Even the most well-intentioned parents, spouses, and leaders who use unrighteous manipulation and coercion to elicit obedience are reading Satan's playbook! Ironically, the consequences of sin and manipulation are identical- restrained agency. In both cases, spiritual growth is stunted." 

"Ultimately, the secret to overcoming temptation is not about willpower exercises, therapy, or snapping a rubber band on your wrist whenever you slip. We are not simply to become less like Satan. We are to become more like Christ. Thus, the most effective focus is not avoiding temptation; it is the Savior." 

"Caring for our physical welfare also brings a happier, more balanced life. Physical health allows for increased mental clarity and emotional balance and demonstrates our spiritual priorities. Like fasting, exercise can bring us closer to the Lord as we subjugate the flesh's lazy tendencies for a higher purpose."

"As simple as this sounds, documenting the miracles in your life and continually remembering them is a great secret in maintaining a mighty change of heart and continuing to "feel so now" (Alma 5:26). Perhaps his practice is effective because it helps us remain humbled, that great condition to receiving and retaining the mighty change of heart." 


The book is a pretty easy read. Robert Reynolds shares stories that wrap it all up and shares quotes from modern prophets and apostles that really get me fired up in a good way! I breezed through this book pretty quickly though I think one could benefit from a deep study of a topic like this. How does the Savior free us from our favorite sins? I love that Reynolds sends us to the scriptures a TON in this book to show us exactly how the Savior can free us from our own captivity. 

All in all, I'd recommend this book to any saint who is a struggling sinner. aka. All of us. We could all use a little more knowledge of the Atonement and a good pep talk here and there. This book is that. 

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Ashley Ziegler said...

I won this book at the slc boncom meeting! I can't wait to read it :)

Tayler Morrell said...

I can't wait to read it!