I couldn't register to vote in my high school US Government class like everyone else. I was 17 until a few weeks into my first semester at college. When the 2012 Presidential election rolled around, I realized I could vote!

I gathered all my patriotism and registered! I voted for the first time in that election. Even though I was not super informed (don't judge, I'm still figuring out this whole "being a good citizen" thing) I voted, felt happy, and decided to make sure I voted in every future presidential election even if I didn't feel like my vote really "counted."

Women fought hard so that I could vote and have a voice. And I think that's pretty rad.

I attended my first caucus last month. I told Colten I wanted to go and so we went. The amount of people at the high school where our area was to meet did NOT have enough parking. We parked forever away from it, but still went. We ran into people we knew. I felt happy and excited! I felt a little more informed this time around. (a little being the key to that sentence)

The whole thing was pretty disorganized. Apparently Utah struggled holding a presidential caucus for the first time or something because it wasn't just our location. When I arrived, they had Colten's name on the list and not mine. How could that be?? I was registered. I even changed my address as soon as we bought our home! I receive absentee ballots and have been voting on local changes!!

Unaffiliated. Yup folks, I registered as unaffiliated and so I could not vote in my first ever presidential caucus I attended. They let me stay and watch, but I couldn't vote. I ranted to Colten that our founding fathers must be rolling over in their graves knowing that I can't vote simply because I DID NOT CHOOSE A POLITICAL PARTY TO ASSOCIATE WITH. Truthfully, I don't think my brain works Republican or Democrat. I lean one way on some issues and some on others.

I won't bother you with my political beliefs right now because I'm still figuring them out. Which is why I registered UNAFFILIATED.

But, as a matter of fact, I did enjoy going. It was a great new experience for Colten and I. Plus we got Cold Stone after. Caucus and Cold Stone might be a great new tradition.

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