Academic Mormon Mom Planner - Review & Pictures!

A few years ago I used a Mormon Mom Planner and loved it! As a planner lover I often change planners multiple times per yer, but I always remembered how much I loved my Mormon Mom Planner from Life Organized. I reached out to the company and they sent me one of their new Academic Mormon Mom planners to review and share with you! (They are $10 off right now too!)

These planners have SO many functions! So many I would never be able to use them all! It's so nice to pick and choose which sections to focus on and which ones to not worry about. 

I keep meaning to fill this birthday chart in because I am SO BAD at remembering birthdays! It's so cute and convenient. 

There's also copies of some important LDS documents which I love having in there to read and review often.

Visiting teaching is something I'm so not good at... I want to get more into it and be consistent about visiting the women I am supposed to be ministering to. This section of the planner would be SO helpful in keeping track of those women! Remembering their favorite things, their birthdays, when you visited them, etc. SO AWESOME. 

The scripture reading charts are gorgeous too! 

Here are some views of the weekly and monthly pages.

Like I said, there are so many features in the planner I can't even name them all! Be sure to pop over to Life Organized and get your own!

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