Cariloha Bamboo Towel Review + Giveaway

I'll admit something here- I'm a cheap-skate. I just really really really hate spending a lot of money that you can get for super cheap. However, being a blogger has opened my mind and made me realize that sometimes... you really do get what you pay for.

One company where I've found that to be especially true is with Cariloha! They have bamboo bedding, clothing, and bath sets. I recently reviewed their bamboo sheets and a blanket here. RIP Walmart sheets, I am NEVER going back.

I've started to understand the benefits of spending money on things that you will use every single day. Every time I climb into my sheets at night I am instantly happy and relaxed because the sheets feel so silky without the slipperyness. So when I learned Cariloha also sells towels... I was ALL OVER THAT.

I must tell you... they are just as heavenly as you're imagining, maybe even more so.

They are SO. SOFT.

The washcloths are my favorite because I wash my makeup off every night before bed and the washcloths I've been using have felt scratchy on my face but what else would I use ya know? Well Cariloha's washcloths don't scratch at all! They feel so good on your face. When I first pulled them out of the box I just rubbed them all over my face because they felt so good and I was so excited to use them.

Here's some of the info about Cariloha's bath towels.

+ They are highly absorbent
+ They are odor resistant
+ Luxury softness in every towel
+ Bacteria-resistant  (perfect for washing your face!)
+ Hypo-allergenic
+ Snag-resistant

They sound amazing right? They are. I promise you will be obsessed with them. If the price tag is hard to swallow (I already admitted I'm a cheapo) try out just the washcloth set. It's only $24 for a set of 3. It's the perfect way to test it out without getting too deep into your wallet. So pop on over to Cariloha and get yourself some amazing new towels!

P.S. Be sure to be following @brooklynjolley on Instagram because there's going to be an AMAZING giveaway happening soon!

Cariloha sent me a few towel sets to review in exchange for this review post.

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