Life Updates. Because it never slows down.

We've got a lot going on around our Jolley household so I figured the best way to inform everyone was to blog about it and share with you all the changes we are going through!

Colten is *almost* done with his Bachelor's degree. His school is on a module system where he takes 1-2 classes every 4 weeks. So his last class will finish on October 15!! I am SO beyond excited for him to be done. We've been so blessed that his education has been paid for by his work and because of his hard work to pay for his Associate's degree out of pocket before his mission, he will graduate with zero student loan debt! (Unlike some of us who have a decent amount from hair school...)

I already announced that we have decided to take the steps toward become licensed foster parents. We are so excited about this decision. We were working really hard to complete everything in 6 weeks so we could have children in our home asap, but then...

We've decided to sell our home.

Typing that feels me with a lot of fear, excitement and stress. We've prayed about it and it feels right, so we decided to look into it. The housing market has significantly increased in the area we live in and we have plenty of equity to put towards a down payment on a new home. Most likely a home farther north than we are now. A lot is up in the air right now. So for now, we are putting a hold on Foster Care until we can figure out our next steps with our home.

We are still super excited for our future as foster parents, but selling our home and figuring out where we are going next is also important.

My home salon has been consistently growing! I've been getting busier and busier and am so happy with it! I absolutely love working in my home salon. I will be sad to leave it!

I also just got a promotion and raise at my elementary school job. I'm now officially the Lead Reading Intervention Educator! It's a fancy term for being in charge of running the Leveled Literacy Intervention program and doing the benchmark testing for every single student in the school. I'm super excited! I love both my jobs and I'm not sure how I'd ever give one up.

Well hopefully that covers it. It's 9 pm and I feel like it's 3 am. Life is messy but wonderful. And.... I can't think of a clever way to end this. So peace out!

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Ashley Ziegler said...

Oh I'm excited for you guys!! My mom's sister is a Realtor if you're looking for someone FABULOUS. Life doesn't always go as planned (I learned that quickly). May the Lord be with you in all your decisions. xoxo