Ditch the Clutter // Keep Your Kid's Art

My parents had 5 kids. I can't imagine the amount of artwork they must've kept, threw away, and said, "Oh I guess it got lost." Kids LOVE to draw, and parents love to see their pictures! But, unless you have a mansion, you probably don't have enough room to store every single paper and family portrait of theirs.


That's where Keepy comes in! Keepy is a new app designed to keep all your kids' memories in one place. Organized, saved, and privately shared. You can even describe the moment with a video story.

Store photos/videos of:
- Art projects
- Crafts
- Songs
- Plays
- Drawings
- Portraits
- Etc.

You have the option to share the photos/videos with family through email. Add their name and email address and then you can choose which photos/videos you want to send them, whenever.

Here's how to use it:

1. Download the Keepy app
2. Sign up with email or by linking to Facebook
3. Add who YOU are
4. Add your children (or the children you'd like to Keepy photos of/from)
5. Upload photos and create books

It's SO easy to use you guys! So pop on over, download Keepy and keep that New Year's Resolution to clear the clutter from your house. (But without offending the ninos)

PRICE: it's FREE to download and free to use for 5 pictures/videos a month or $9.99/year unlimited subscription.
AVAILABLE ON: Apple, Android & Kindle Fire

(This post was sponsored by Keepy app!)

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