NOW AVAILABLE // Hair Goals Consultations w/ That Shampoo Girl Brooklyn

I've been having a BLAST running my Monat business these last few months. It is seriously the best side gig ever.

I've had so many people reaching out for suggestions of what to use on their hair. Each of us have different hair goals, so it takes a little bit of time (yours & mine!) to figure out what would work best for you. So I am happy to announce that I am now offering HAIR GOALS CONSULTATIONS!!

This is where you get a solid 30 minutes of my time where we chat about your hair history, hair goals, and current hair care routine. We'll figure out a routine & the products that will work best for your hair! THEN we'll do a follow up 45 days after our meeting to see how things are going. And the best part is...

It's FREE!!!!!

Honestly, before I went to hair school I knew so little about hair. I thought I was using the best products and treating my hair right- but it never seemed to grow, was constantly dry, frizzy and damaged. After hair school + my own individual learning, I know so much about the hair structure. I know what your hair needs based on your climate, what types of products help combat the most common problems and what your routine needs to infuse health into your hair.

Want your hair to grow?

Want your hair to shine?

Want your hair to have more volume?

Or do you want your scalp to be more balanced and less flaky?

I can help!!!

Consultations can be held in person (I'm located in Ogden, UT) or over Facetime or via Phone Call :)

To schedule a consultation- send an email to me at with the subject line "HAIR GOALS CONSULTATION".

There's also a special gift that awaits everyone who signs up & attends a hair goals consultation... and it's a pretty good one! So send me a message & let's get you your dream hair!

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