2016 Blog Recap

I'm 100% copying this idea from Kayla Blogs. I loved the idea and decided that even though January is almost over, I wanted to sit down and recap my 2016 year of blogging. It will be fun to look back on in the future.



Although I'm really not too concerned about numbers (I've been blogging for 7 years and don't make a million dollars a year, so... maybe I should be! Ha!) but I do like to track it at least once a year. I always seem to lose the paper I write my stats on though, so hopefully this will help!

Number of posts published in 2016 // 73

Number of sponsored posts // 27 (wow, almost half of my posts came from sponsored posts/review posts. No wonder I was starting to feel burnt out! I'm looking forward to some fun content this year and still sharing the occasional sponsored post of things I love!)

All time pageviews // 555,095

Twitter Followers // 1,717

Instagram Followers // 2,110

Facebook Likes // 769

Bloglovin Followers // 541

Pinterest Followers // 847


30 Quick Love Note Ideas //

This post is the Energizer bunny. It is evergreen content that continues to get 8,000+ views a month, which is big for me!

Let's Talk About Anxiety- My Story //

I opened up in this raw and honest post about my mental disorders and how I'm dealing with them, I've had so many people reach out in love with of this post and MUAH! I love you all!

Home Salon Gallery Wall //

I did a collaboration with Deseret Book and created a gallery wall in my home salon. It turned out beautiful and their gallery art pads make it so easy!

Grand Legacy At the Park Hotel Review //

I was SO LUCKY to be able to partner with Grand Legacy when I went to Disneyland in July. We stayed a night and I wrote up this review about it. Since then, we've had many friends and family book at that hotel and they've all loved their stays. Seriously, we love it there.

LipSense Review from a Non-Distributor //

I did a review of LipSense from Senegence back when it was just starting to blow up. I think having an unbiased review made this post so popular. Plus, everyone was curious about it. And... my collection has grown to like 15 colors since. Whoops!


Let's Talk About Anxiety- My Story //

This one makes the list again. It felt so good to write it all out and click PUBLISH even though it was also terrifying.

My New Favorite Hair Care //

This is when I announced my Monat biz launch and it has been a blast ever since! I've seriously found the holy grail of hair care!

What I Hope My Young Women Know //

I loved writing this post. I had some amazing young women's leaders, but these are some of the things I wish someone had told me when I was a teenage girl.

When People Leave //

This post was far from popular, but my heart needed to write it. I was feeling so down because of so many people leaving the church I love, and I wanted to throw my thoughts out there.


Cariloha //

I worked with Cariloha on a few different posts in 2016 and I am OBSESSED. They have the best customer service ever. Here are my reviews for:
Bedding + Blanket 

Deseret Book //

It was a dream to decorate my home salon with Deseret Book! POST HERE. 

Basalt Day Spa //

They were the best! My massage and facial were so relaxing and they were the best hostesses ever. Read my review HERE. 

Rescue Run 5K //

I loved being on the Blog Squad for the Rescue Run 5K! It was the greatest day and they raised a TON of money for Operation Underground Railroad.

So there you have it! May there be many more exciting and wonderful things in 2017!

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