inspired to change

I love being married.

I really, really do.

And I haven't even been married two weeks yet! But even already I can see things in my personality that might cause some intense bumps in my marriage. I'm defensive, have very selfish tendencies, and can sometimes be downright bratty.

I want to start habits RIGHT NOW while my marriage and newlywededness is fresh. Habits that will bring me closer to my husband and help make my marriage the best it possibly can be. I want a marriage that gets better with time.

Thanks to Amberly, I have decided to set weekly relationship goals. Being who I am I went and bought a cute notepad and set the first few things I want to work on in my marriage.

I will be back with a full report next week. But I CAN tell you that my goals are inspired by this quote...

"Make it your goal to create a marriage that feels like the safest place on earth."
What are YOU doing in your relationships to ensure that they get better with time? 

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Life with Amberly said...

Haha, "Being who I am, I went out and bought a cute notepad" the funny thing is it totally is you! I'm excited that you're going to join us! I can't wait to see what your goals are next week! :)

Amanda Schroeder said...

I definitely noticed right away that were things I needed to change. Selfishness is one of them. Everybody is selfish until they get married. Seriously. Because they have lived their whole life only having to worry about themselves. Good for you for wanting to change those and start off on the right foot!

Rachel Nicole said...

i absolutely love how honest you are about this.
i'm not married, but i can see the same tendencies in me that will cause problems when i do get married.
we seem sort of alike!
plus we're both short and we're both blondes!


Ashley Z. said...

I totally agree. I remember even the first week of being with my husband, I learned how much I needed to work on myself and focus less on him.

Brielle said...

Oh goodness. I still struggle with the whole selfishness thing every day, but I am slowly learning to put my needs behind Scott and the baby! It's hard, but marriage is worth it. :)


Maegen Mills said...

I love this. I found when I first got married that my independent ways had to change. I was no longer one by myself, I was one with my spouse. It took awhile for me to realize it wasn't a single lady lifestyle anymore. I had a man to spend 99.9% of my time with. Now I cherish all of our time together :)