love story part two: the set up

It was March 21, 2013. I was out with Elisabeth taking pictures for our blogs when a fellow blogger that I had never met in real life sent me a Facebook message.


 Brielle: K... this is so random but are you dating anyone?
Haha my friend just got home from his mission & asked me to set him up with someone and you are the first person that came to mind! Is this awkward? Maybe.
Just go with it..

Me: Not awkward at all!! I'm 100% unfortunately single! Haha id love it 

Brielle: haha awesome! he actually lives in Salt Lake for now but i told him you lived in Logan & he's totally up for a road trip. 

Me: As long as you trust him with me I am so down! He can Facebook friend me if he wants  you are so sweet to think of me!!

Brielle: I think he'd really like you  I will tell him! and I will let you know what's gonna happen

Me: Sounds great Bri!!


Let's talk blind dates. Hate them. I have been on SO many. And it usually involves me talking ALL NIGHT LONG and prying words out of the other person's mouth. I was trying to be kind, one date couldn't hurt right? It probably comes with free dinner. Or ice cream... One more blind date won't kill me.

 And then it happened. The boy messaged me...


              Hey Brooklyn, so I was just talking to Brielle and she was telling me about her awesome friend that I should get to know, so I thought I would talk with you and get to know you if that's okay.


I remember reading this message to Elisabeth and saying, "He wants to 'get to know me.' That sounds super creepy. He will probably never even take me out. And his last name is Jolley! If that's not a reason to marry him I don't know what is! What a great elementary school teacher name. Mrs. Jolley (insert laughter here). But he IS pretty cute... Well what the heck...."

(to be continued)

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Amanda Schroeder said...

How cute is this? I hate blind dates too. So much. But that's (sort of) how it happened. I have so many friends, SO MANY, that won't let me set them up on a blind date. Fact of the matter is, you have to have unsuccessful ones before the successful one. Don't you agree? Glad you found him, Brooklyn. You guys are beautiful!

Shelby Kania said...

Oh my gosh.. I said the exact thing when I met my boyfriend. His last name is Ferreiro and I said "that is a perfect teacher name!!" Ha!

Night Owl said...

very sweet. weird how now a days we meet people online and all. i tried the online dating thing. dated 1 guy and it ended back. saw another guy and he didnt want a relationship. then met a guy online thru a friend on fb and we havent met yet. plan to soon. for now we talk daily.

Lauren @ Lot Forty Eight said...

So sweet!! I would love to read Brielle's blog too, isn't she the one who set you guys up?? What's her blog?