to be loved like an only child

Why hello there old friends! I am SO excited to be back to blogging. But right now I am mooching off my husband's phone internet hot spot so I don't have much time. And I promise to give a full wedding/honeymoon report when we DO get internet.
But I've been thinking a lot today about something I heard a speaker say last month and wanted to share my thoughts with you.
An ONLY child! I remember being jealous of my friend who was an only child. She got ALL her parents attention and love. And was spoiled beyond belief with worldy possessions. I wanted that. And guess what? I've finally figured out, I CAN!
God can truly love us each like an only child. We might not quite understand that. I know I sure don't. But when I hear it, I know it's true. He listens to each prayer. And cheers you on in your successes. The most powerful being in the universe, watches over YOU.
I know that God loves us each individually. He knows each of our names and he speaks them regularly. He won't rest until we are saved. He RUNS to us when we start walking toward Him.
Tell me that that isn't amazing. Because I can't think of anything I know that is more important than the knowledge that I am known, and that I am loved.
Happy Sunday loves.


Ashley Wright said...

Love this! Thank you for this reminder Brooklyn! - and I love the new blog! You're married! Congratulations Mrs. Jolley! :)

Maegen Mills said...

Well hello there Mrs. Jolley! Congratulations! Can't wait to hear about your wedding and honeymoon. How are you enjoying throwing around that husband word?