my birthday wish

Hello friends!

So, Sunday September 1st is my 20th birthday. And this year, I'm asking for something really special.

I think I tried a million hashtags to find one that worked, but I ended up choosing #spreadthejolley because it included my last name/blog title, and kind of sounds like spread the jelly. Like a peanut butter & jelly sandwich. But anyway...

Some ideas...
-Write a thank you note
-Call your mother
-Pay for someone's lunch
-Give someone an hour of your time
-Mow an elderly lady's lawn
-Read to a younger sibling or small child
-Tell someone you've been neglecting that you love them
-Buy your spouse their favorite treat
-Etc, etc, etc.

All I ask is this...

1. Do an act of service.

2. Share it on social media using the hashtag #spreadthejolley

3. Come visit me here and let me know what YOU did to help make my 20th birthday the best ever!

Because I'm a goal setter, I'd love to have 20 people do an act of service and share it using the hashtag. 20 acts of service for my 20th birthday. 

In order to reach this goal I NEED YOU! So share my birthday wish on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and let's spread some jolley for my birthday this year.

Thank you!

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Rachel Nicole said...

Are you kidding me!? My birthday is the 3rd! ha!

I'd definitely love to do this, I'll have to think something up... :)


Life with Amberly said...

I love your ideas, I don't think you've ever had a bad one!!! :) Have an awesome birthday weekend girl!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I had no idea you were my age! I'll be 20 in November! And I love that you want to spread the happiness and good deeds around!

Happy birthday!

Angela said...

What a great idea! I would be thrilled to help you reach such a great birthday goal!

Alex said...

Love this idea, Brooklyn! Wish I thought of something like this for my 20th birthday! Can't wait to #spreadthejolley

Hope married life is treating you well :)

- Alex @ Radiating Sunshine

SaraM said...

Happy (late) birthday, dear! I didn't share it on social media, because it was kind of private, but on Sunday, I sat down and talked with a really good friend of mine, who broke up with his girlfriend moments before. I've never seen him so crushed, but I'm hoping my words gave him a bit of hope. I hope your birthday was fantastic!!


Maegen Mills said...

Love this!!!