how to survive valentines day as a single

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and love it or hate it, it's going to happen. This year is actually my first year in 20 years that I won't be spending it as a single! So over the years I've learned to turn my 2nd favorite holiday into a great day whether or not I had a man.

1. Throw a party for all the singles you know.
Watch a chick-flick, bake cookies, go out to dinner as a group. Do anything! Just do it with others so you'll feel less lonely. Staying occupied will help keep your brain from creating the idea of loneliness in your head.

2. Write letters.
Go old fashioned. Buy stamps and envelopes. Write your family and friends handwritten letters. Use glitter, cut out hearts, and markers. Make it fun!

3. Go heart-attacking.
Cut out tons of hearts! Then you choose someone you care about: Your neighbor, your bishop, your best friend, your work. Take all the hearts and tape them everywhere! There is something really exciting about walking away from a door that is covered in hearts. One year my family and I bought a HUMONGOUS stuffed bear from the DI and dropped it off at our neighbors with a bunch of hearts. Best practical joke ever.

4. Treat yo'self.
Go shopping. Go see a movie. Take a reeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllly long bath with bubbles and candles. Buy yourself a Coca-cola in the glass bottles. Pick up a dozen doughnuts. Wear something sparkly. Buy a new journal. (one of my favorite things to do) Remind yourself that YOU ARE WORTH IT and prove it to yourself.

5. Serve someone who DOES have a significant other.
Last year when I looked at my work schedule I saw I wasn't working on Valentine's. But when I saw who WAS, I realized that somebody's girlfriend was not going to be happy about it. Thinking about how service always chases out feelings of inferiority, I offered to take the last half of his shift so he could spend the evening with his girlfriend. Take one for the team. You'll feel SO happy about it. :)

6. Set-goals.
Feeling worthless because you're single? It's an easy rut to find yourself in. Think about where you'd like to improve. Setting new goals always gives me a rush! Always wished you were more fashionable? Then do it! Try new things, remix your wardrobe. Always wished you were more outgoing? Set a goal to meet 3 new people by St. Patrick's day! Choose something you've always wanted to do and set goals to do it.

Whatever you do, do it with a smile. Maybe Mr. or Mrs. Right hasn't appeared in your life yet, but there's no sense in being upset about it. (In fact that usually makes you less attractive!)

Serve someone, treat yourself, create an environment that you can have fun in. You deserve it!


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Rachel said...

Before I got married, my friends and I always had a lot of fun with Valentine's Day! And I would make and send cards to all of my little sisters. And my college usually had free cookies or other fun things on the day--so I've always considered Valentine's Day a good thing!

Anonymous said...

I am going home for Valentine's day this year, so I'm actually going to have a good one. I also put down "buy chocolate for yourself" on Friday's to-do list.