why it is so important to document our lives

I used to be a fabulous journal keeper. It was something I prided myself in, and loved to do. I also love to read back through stories of my life, and lessons learned. Now I blog, and my journal has taken a bit of a backseat to my blog life. But I'm trying to write it in more. But why?


“We sometimes forget that the everyday world around us now quickly becomes altered by time. People and experiences now very common to us become unfamiliar in just a short time. People whom we think will be our close friends forever move away, and we lose contact. Relatives, now important in our lives, die. Old buildings are replaced by new structures. Kids’ games, teenage social customs, family daily activities, Church activities, and styles in dress and music change. So do our personal concerns, interests, tastes, abilities, and goals. WE CHANGE. Scene by scene, therefore, our lives should be reflected in our journal as fully and as accurately as possible.” 
(William G. Hartley, “Diary and Journal Ideas,” New Era, Mar. 1977, 39) 


We change, and do the people and situations around us. That's why I blog, that's why I journal. Because I want to remember it all. I want to look back and see how far I've come. I want to look back and say, "Do you remember....?"

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Rachel said...

I forget little things with scary speed. Actually, that's what my blog post is about today, what I remember and what I have forgotten from our relationship. Writing things down definitely helps with the memories!

Aubrey said...

Sometimes I think I will never forget something, but years or sometimes even months or days later I read my journal or blog and realize I forgot details. I love looking back on those memories.

Life with Amberly said...

I am a BIG advocate of journaling. I've been really bad at it the past year or so, and I am trying to get better, but I guess in a way my blog is a journal, just not as personal as I might want it to be. :P