Who are you cheering for?

Usually for the superbowl I don't really care who wins. I pick either my favorite colors to cheer for, or I like to cheer for the underdog. Because who doesn't love a good underdog success story? 

But this year, I'm cheering for the Seahawks. 

My decision still isn't totally educated. I based this decision solely on two Seahawk players.

Bobby Wagner #54
Robert Turbin #22

Both former players for Utah State University. MY college. And not only former like as in they played for USU 7 years ago, but I actually went to Aggie games they played in, while I WAS an Aggie. I cheered and sang the school songs in the football stadium with my friends, having the time of my life. 

So I don't hate the Broncos, in fact, I think most of my family is cheering for them. But I'm cheering for the Seahawks, because Wagner and Turbin remind me of my college days. And those are days I will never forget. 


Kelly said...

Congrats on your win!

xx Kelly
Sparkles and Shoes

Ashley Z. said...

I'm not really a "fan" of either, but I'm really happy the Seahawks won. They worked hard, and it's their first superbowl win ever! :) It was a good game for them!

Rachel Nicole said...

I didn't really care either way as I'm a Packer fan for life.

But I was cheering for the Broncos. Though i'm fine with the Seahawks winning. ;)

xo, rn