3 days away...

This past week Monday through Wednesday I attended an amazing educational event for Paul Mitchell cosmetology students in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Since I got married almost 6 months ago, I've spent a total amount of ONE night away from my husband. Three days was TOO long. I didn't want to be annoying and complain the whole time, I mean, I was in Vegas after all! But the truth is, I love my husband. He is my sunshine. He is my best friend. And being away from him for three days was torture! I was so grateful to get back to normal life and cuddle up to him at night. 

You may call that pathetic, but you try watching The Time Traveler's Wife while you are away from your husband! ;)

Speaking of loving husbands, this month I have had the honor of getting to know an amazing wife. Her name is Jana. And if you're looking for a blog design, she's your girl!

I asked her what her favorite part of being was and she said this...
"I love that no matter what happens in my life, I have someone to go through it with. The future doesn't scare me because I know that my best friend will be standing right beside me, and has my back through anything. I also love being that rock and that support for my husband as well! It's wonderful to feel so needed."

She's a blogging guru too, sharing the 10 Thing I Wish I Knew When I Started Blogging. I'm always checking her blog for her latest post and not just because she's a sponsor, but because she has an amazing blog that is just my style. 

I asked her if she set New Year's Resolutions and she replied...
"I sure did, and for the first time, I'm actually keeping them! This year, I set my goals a little differently than I have in the past, and it has made things so much easier. Instead of setting tons of goals, I created a theme to focus on each month--this month is strengthening my relationship with my husband. :)"

And who's her role model?
"I love Ann Romney! Not only is she super classy, but she is such a strong woman. I love reading her stories about when she was a young mother, because I relate to her so much I am also so in awe of how amazingly supportive she is of her husband and how firm she stands in her faith, even when her entire life and many beliefs she held so dear were under public scrutiny, and even criticized."

She's got an amazing sponsorship program that I'm looking into joining next month as well. Who's your favorite person to sponsor?

Now get over there and follow this amazing lady, unless you hate blogs that inspire you to be better. Stay far far away.

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Rachel said...

We've been married over 3 years and it hasn't gotten any easier to be apart! I've already been away from my husband a total of 6 weeks since July, and I have to be gone next week, too! I think after this next trip we'll be sticking together as much as possible, though!

Karen Emily said...

My fiancé leaves almost every other weekend for a track trip, since he runs for our university! It kills me--he can be gone anywhere from 3-5 days at a time!

Jayson Curtis Anderson said...
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