101 G O A L S

I've seen these type of posts all over blog land and finally decided that I wanted to take the leap and write up a 101 goal ideas to start working on!

1. Write first ever 101 list (Sept 2014)

2. Have an all day Disney movie marathon

3. Go to Disneyland

4. Plan a fabulous salon launch

5. Throw a fabulous salon launch

6. Get business license

7. Get liability insurance

8. Pay off student loan

9. Give out 500 business cards

10. Own 10 workout DVDs

11. Host a Twitter Chat

13. Bake a homemade cake

14. Go to the temple 3 days in a row

15. Host a General Conference Book Club

16. Read Jesus the Christ

17. Read Doctrine & Covenants(Oct 2014)

18. Read Old Testament

19. Read New Testament

20. Read The Book of Mormon (Oct 2014)

21. Save a mason jar of change for our savings account

22. Memorize The Living Christ

23. Get a massage

24. Get a facial

25. Rewrite Mormon.org profile(Oct 2014)

26. Share Mormon.org profile on blog (Oct 2014)

27. Host a blogger event

28. Go to a barre class

29. Go to a spin class

30. Contribute to a magazine (online or print)(Coming Jan/Feb 2015)

31. Print honeymoon photos

32. Read "Girl Boss"

33. Mail Christmas Cards

34. Fill a journal in a month

35. Meditate in silence for 30 minutes

36. Run a mile straight

37. Print photos from our first year of marriage

38. Make a Mormon.org vlog

39. Leave a $20 tip

40. Write a note to each immediate family member

41. Buy & use an address book

42. Create a "family blessings' traveling journal

43. Fast for a full 24 hours

44. Post a family history story on my blog

45. Go to Ogden temple

46. Go to Brigham City temple

47. Go to Manti temple

48. Go to Salt Lake temple alone

49. Read Conference Ensign cover to cover

50. Read a book about temple worship

51. Get a pedicure

52. Make fresh lemonade

53. Make homemade snickerdoodles

54. Have a no spend month

55. Blog post about the Word of Wisdom

56. Blog post about Joseph Smith(Oct 2014)

57. Celebrate 2 year anniversary

58. Get a library card(Oct 2014)

59. Get associates degree from Utah State

60. Adopt a dog

61. Heart attack someone's house

62. Send my Mom flowers

63. Close on our first house

64. Share testimony in a sacrament meeting

65. Blog post about baptism

66. Blog post about Relief Society

67. Giveaway a mother's day haircut

68. Read a book about motherhood

69. Fill a love journal for Colten

70. Leave Colten a love note every day for a week

71. Fill a visions/affirmations/gratitude book

72. Buy "The Princess & the Frog" dvd

73. Attend a pilates class

74. Go to Oquirrh Mountain temple

75. Go to Draper temple

76. Journal about my first time in the temple

77. Post a Mormon message on my blog

78. Finish Thomas S. Monson biography

79. Donate to a Kickstarter campaign

80. Unsubscribe from unwanted email lists

81. Find primary care physician

82. Go to St. George with Colten

83. Memorize a favorite scripture

84. Send Breanna a mission package

85. No new clothes for a month

86. Choose to read over Netflix

87. Eat at a food truck 

88. Do left splits

89. Leave operation beautiful notes in magazines

90. Go hiking

91. Go camping

92. Wear lipstick to church

93. Go to the zoo

94. Wear my retainers to bed

95. Have Jimmy John's delivered for fun(Oct 2014. they couldn't deliver to my apt so I drove there lol)

96. Take Brayden to the temple

97. Do 10 push ups in a row

98. Unplug for 24 hours

99. Buy "Tangled"

100. Frame a quote for our new home

101. Write new 101 things list

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Life with Amberly said...

I need to do something like this! I like the 101 in 1001 lists, I think they're pretty cool!